The Next Big Thing: 3D Wedding Nail Art Manicures

Why opt for a standard french mani when you can go 3D?

Prettifying your pointers definitely helps you feel like a princess on your big day. And when it comes to bridal beauty, we’ve come a long way from the idea that wedding nails should always be subtle and understated in neutrals like nude and white. In fact, the latest thing in wedding nails is 3D nail art! Using jewels, lace, stones and studs, nail designers are creating some amazing bride-worthy designs.

We’re addicted to looking at the gorgeous designs by Marie Nails on Instagram – every day their Insta account is filled with new creative designs, both drawn on and 3D (so start following them asap!) including many that are just perfect for a wedding. We caught up with Watanabe Yuka from Marie Nails in the US to get the scoop on the 3D nail trend. Read more below and check out some of our favourite 3D wedding nail designs!

If you want your nails to make a statement, then this just might be the trend to try. “3D nail art has become so popular, mainly because it’s more eye-catching than regular drawn-on designs,” says Yuka. “For weddings, having a 3D nail art design is perfect because you can get something really subtle but it will be very visible. Also it’s a really nice addition to the bride’s accessories and wedding gown.”

With a creative artist behind the paintbrush, basically anything is possible. The technicians at Marie Nails have created everything from flower designs that resemble a detail on the bride’s dress to personalised designs using the initials of the couple. And even though the designs are bold, it can still look classic. “The base of the nail its typically a solid pastel gel color or a French,” says Yuka.

But the most popular designs are floral. “The most popular request from brides design-wise is the french gel with stones and a few 3D flowers. It’s a really subtle touch of some shine and glitter to add to the bride’s look on her wedding day,” says Yuka.

And because 3D manicures use gel instead of regular polish, you can actually get it done a few days before your wedding and not worry about it chipping. “Most brides get their manicures a few days before the actual wedding date. Our gel lasts 2-3 weeks so the gel will still be in good condition for the big day,” says Yuka. That means it will last you through your honeymoon too. “As for the upkeep, the gel is durable and doesn’t chip or peel unless you’re frequently using your hands.”

Getting one of these awesome manicures typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the intricacy of the design. Want the lowdown on the science of how it’s made? “Typically 3D nail art is created using acrylics.  The powder used for 3D acrylic nail art is a polymer powder which is used with a monomer liquid to create designs,” says Yuka. So basically, they use glue!

Another design idea we love? Coordinating your mani with your ring! Jewelry designer Anna Sheffield recently partnered up with Marie Nails on a nail design collaboration that featured rose gold and the half moon shapes that are featured in Anna’s engagement ring and wedding band collections.

What do you think of 3D bridal nail art, Knotties?

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by Simone Hill



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