Steal Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Workout Playlist!

Kim Kardashian has been hitting the gym in preparation for her French wedding. Here's the playlist that's kept her motivated!

by Ivy Jacobson

Kim Kardashian’s wedding on May 24 is only a month away, so what do we expect the fitness-loving reality star to be doing before she walks down the aisle? Working out, of course! On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and her sisters went to the Beverly Hills SoulCycle for a little pre-wedding spin class.

Kim-Kardashian-Pregnant-GymPhoto: Kimkardashian.celebbuzz.com

Luckily, LA SoulCycle instructor Ben Bruker knew we’d want to know what gets Kim’s wheels spinning, so he created an exclusive Kim playlist that’s meant to make you feel “powerful,” according to Harper’s Bazaar. Would Kim really want to feel any other way?

You can get Ben’s playlist here:

Also, try some of these Knottie-approved tracks for more wedding workout playlist choices:

Blackout album (Britney Spears)
“Le Disko” (Shiny Toy Guns)
“Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex” (CSS)
“Living Dead Girl” (Rob Zombie)
“Walls” (Emery)
“1 2 3 4″ (Feist)
“Fergalicious” (Fergie)
“Beat of My Heart” (Hilary Duff)
“My Love” (Justin Timberlake)
“SexyBack” (Justin Timberlake)
“Crawling” (Linkin Park)
“Oh My God” (Mark Ronson featuring Lily Allen)
“Stop Me” (Mark Ronson featuring Daniel Merriweather)
“Hypnotize” (Notorious B.I.G.)
“Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off” (Panic! At The Disco)
“Shut Up and Drive” (Rihanna)
“Umbrella” (Rihanna)
“Play With Fire” (Hilary Duff)
“Call on Me” (Eric Prydz)
“It Feels So Good” (Sonique)
“Pump It” (The Black Eyed Peas)
“From Yesterday” (30 Seconds to Mars)
“The Kill” (30 Seconds to Mars)
“Desert Rose” (Sting)

Are there any songs you’d add to this list? Share them below!

by Ivy Jacobson


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