Mother of the Bride Makeup Tips

The mother of the bride (or groom) also stands front row and centre at the wedding. Here’s some expert makeup tips to help you look amazing.

by Chelsea Tromans

No doubt your daughter (or daughter-in-law) has told you numerous times how it’s her day, but we know that this wedding will be just as important to you too. We know you want to look your best, which is why we’ve spoken to some of Australia’s leading makeup artists for their expert advice on doing your makeup.


A great face of makeup starts with healthy, radiant skin. “Following a religious skincare routine is very important,” says Kate Pritchard, Face Designer for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. “This will maintain the skin so no nasty surprises arise before the big day.” Start by exfoliating once a week. “This will eliminate dead skin cells and minimise pores, resulting in smooth, radiant skin which allows makeup to glide on,” says Pritchard. You should also be cleansing daily. The next (and possibly the most important) step is hydration, which is essential when it comes to radiance. “Choose a really good serum and moisturiser and begin using them at least three weeks prior to your event,” recommends Estée Lauder’s premier makeup artist, Jahi Ireland.


Before you apply foundation to clean skin, start with a primer to help your makeup stay in place all day. “A primer will smooth out the skin creating an easy palette for the foundation to glide on to,” says Pritchard, while also reducing the textured appearance that mature skin has. Dab concealer onto any blemishes or marks.

When choosing your foundation, avoid thick formulas that look cakey and sink into your fine lines. “Your skin becomes drier with age and your makeup must allow for this. Rather than using a regular foundation (which can be too matte), consider tinted moisturisers or moisturising foundations,” says Pamela Robson, author of Grown-up & Gorgeous in Your 50s. Ireland agrees. “A liquid foundation in a light-reflecting formula will give the most natural youthful look.”

Expert tip: “It is very important to use the correct brushes when applying makeup. The right brush will blend the makeup into the skin rather than leaving it sitting on top of fine lines.” — Kate Pritchard, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

If you’re prone to shine, blend a loose powder over your foundation. Knot tip: Don’t use a compact powder as the formula is too heavy and leaves skin looking older.


“After applying your foundation, add subtle definition to the brows using an eyebrow pencil in neutral shades of taupe or brown,” advises Napoleon Perdis, author of Forever Flawless: How to look your best at any age. Well groomed eye brows help frame the face and can even lift the appearance of droopy eyes. Make sure you book in a brow appointment a week before the wedding for a tidy up.


“As we age our lips lose collagen and thin,” says Robson. Choose a lipstick in brighter or lighter shades to add fullness. Avoid dark tones which can be too harsh against your skin tone. Shiny glosses and creamy lipsticks will also enhance the appearance of lips.


Prep your eyes with an eye cream before applying concealer. “This will minimise any creasing,” says Ireland. Next a concealer should be applied on the eye lid and under the eye in a shade lighter to brighten and open up the eye area for a rested and youthful look.

When choosing your eye shadow, colour and formula are important. “Multi-tiered colours of eye shadow are too complicated for older lids. Instead use two neutral shades and blend them so they look natural,” says Robson. We recommend using a matte eye shadow through the crease of the eyes as shimmery formulas draw attention to any fine lines and puffiness. Save the shimmery shades for the inner part of your lid to awaken the eyes. Perdis has another trick; open up your eyes by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Then with a waterproof mascara, focus on applying mascara to your top eye lashes for an upward lifting effect.

Expert tip: “A dab of concealer at the inner eye corners, blended well, will really make you look bright, fresh and awake.” — Pamela Robson, Grown-up & Gorgeous in Your 50s 


Choosing the right colours is vital for mature skin. The best colours, according to Pritchard, are neutral earthy tones. “Soft hues are the most suitable rather than dark harsh colours.” You should also avoid using shimmery or very bright colours as they magnify your imperfections. “When choosing colours for your eyes, cheeks and lips, pick different tones from the same colour family, and avoid mixing cool and warm colours in the one makeup look,” says Perdis.

Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, recommends “adding a bit of colour on your cheeks with a cream blush topped with just a touch of powder blush to help it last; it will soften your overall appearance.” Napoleon Perdis also recommends considering your clothes when picking colours. “Choose colours that complement your outfit,” says Perdis, “but remember that you don’t have to match your makeup exactly with what you’re wearing.”

Expert tip: “A dusting of pastel pink blush on the apples of your cheeks is also a clever way to distract attention from the dark circles.” — Pamela Robson, Grown-up & Gorgeous in Your 50s

Biggest mistakes mature women make

  • “Not blending in their makeup properly. Using brushes will not only give a flawless finish but it will save you time and half your product.” — Kate Pritchard, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics
  • “Applying too much bronzer; a sunkissed look can be healthy but a dark tan can be terribly ageing.” — Jahi Ireland, Estée Lauder
  • “A common mistake is the use of harsh colours. A bright pink lipstick and blush won’t necessarily ‘brighten’ the face. It depends on the individual’s skin tone.” — Kate Pritchard, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics
  • “There is a misconception that mature women should stick to matte products in fear that shimmer will accentuate lines. Try dewy hydrating products for an instant lift.” — Kate Pritchard, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics


by Chelsea Tromans


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  1. MOB’S or mothers of the bride often put a lot more effort in to the big day.
    It is the year that they take off the extra five pounds, go for that daring haircut and reinvent themselves to celebrate their daughters wedding day., it is their dreams fulfilled!

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