From Just Engaged To Hot Bride: Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Regimen, Sorted

We ask the experts for a month-by-month breakdown on how to prettify that gorgeous mug of yours...

by Rebecca Hanley

So you wanna be a head-turner on your wedding day – that’s a given. But what should you do first? A makeup artist and her bag of cosmetic tricks will definitely help – however, if you want to look positively sparkly (we’re talking glowing like you’ve swallowed a lightbulb) at that altar, then it’s a good idea to kick off a hardcore regimen as soon as that rock lands on your finger. Specifically, we’re talking about skincare. Yep, your skin is the foundation for your entire beauty look – so it makes sense to inject some serious TLC to that face of yours. We asked the experts exactly what we should do for our skin pre-wedding, and when.


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Give yourself a head start by kicking off your beauty prep now. According to Noella Gabriel, Director of Product and Treatment Development at Elemis, it’s time to call in the professionals – before you hit the DJs beauty counter. “It’s important to have a skin consultation with a trained therapist to advise on your individual skin concerns,” she says. “Your products are dictated by how your skin reacts, and it’s important to get started on the right skincare regime to see the best results.”


Armed with all that handy info about your skin type following your skin consultation, now’s the time to stock your bathroom cupboard with whatever your pretty little face is needs to be at its most gorgeous (if you haven’t already). Senior Skincare Specialists Margarita Vlachos from Facial Rejuvenation Clinic says two main concerns for brides-to-be are dry skin or breakout-prone skin.

“For brides who have dry skin, find products which are super hydrating,” says Margarita. “Find serums, oils (like rosehip oil, certified jojoba oil, almond sweet oil) and ultra-rich creams that are high in antioxidants.”

“For brides who are tackling hormonal breakouts, make sure you use a cleanser with lactic acid, as it has an inflammatory effect on pimples and helps unclog pores. Also, regular exfoliation will soften the skin and reduce breakouts.”

Noella also says now is the time to start giving your peepers some extra attention. “The eye area is very sensitive. Cream, gels and serums are available and you need to find one that is right for you and specifically formulated for the eye area.”

She agrees that exfoliation is key, even for sensitive skin. But there are so many types available – which one to add to cart? “It is always important to use ingredients that will not have a harsh effect on the skin. When selecting a granular exfoliator, ingredients that are spherical are best as they can gently polish the skin, ridding it of dead skin cells. Jojoba beads work fantastically for the more fragile sensitive skins. For a brightening effect, fruit enzymes are an alternative.”


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The countdown is on! Wedding-planning stress might start to creep up now – and this can show on your face, so it’s time to start tackling any stress-related skin concerns. “Stress can manifest itself on the skin in many ways,” says Noella. “For some it can be an acne breakout, psoriasis or excessively dry skin, for another it may be hypo-sensitivity, chapped lips or can be a depleted, dusty, chalk-like complexion that doesn’t make a great base for makeup.”

Have another skin consulation to identify your current skin concerns, as they may have changed over the last few months. “In my experience, the two most common skin concerns that arise from the stress of organising a wedding include hormonal breakouts, and dryness of the skin due to dehydration and stress,” says Margarita.

“It is important for brides to start having customised skin treaments several months before their wedding day. For brides dealing with breakouts, I’d suggest high frequency treatments around six months before the big day to ensure optimal results. Add the SkinFit by PuraSonic cleansing brush into your routine, which cleanses and unclogs facial pores. As for brides with drier skin, monthly facials, gentle exfoliation and a serum are a must to maintain hydrated skin.”


To get super-smooth skin, Noella recommends daily body brushing. “Done regularly, this can help stimulate circulation and improve skin tone and texture,” she says.

“Also, book yourself in for at least three professional facials within this time so skin is exfoliated, deep cleansed and restored,” adds Noella. “To complement professional facials, use an at-home skin-care routine to support the long term effects of the treatment. The skin is on a 21-day cycle of renewal and a lot can be achieved now if a serious homecare routine is followed.”


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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! “The focus of the last week is to rehydrate the skin and keep that healthy glow,” says Noella. “Perform mini facials at home using Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules: simply break open a capsule and warm in the palm of your hands and massage into cleansed skin. Remove any excess oil with a warm flannel and then apply a layer of your chosen moisturiser.”

“Don’t forget the bust area as wedding dresses often show off the décolletage. Use a bust cream to ensure the area looks even and toned on the big day,” she adds.

“Definitely get a facial , as it can improve on skin tone,” says Margarita. “It’s best to do this at least a week before the big day to allow the pimples and toxins that are underneath the epidermis layer to come up and clear the skin.”


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Noella: “Keep to your existing regime; don’t make any drastic changes the day before or on the wedding day itself. For an instant boost choose an energising skin radiance balm, designed to instantly brighten and tighten the skin and helps you achieve a smooth, even and dewy complexion.”

Margarita: “Relax! Avoid the risk of testing out any skin treatments the day before the wedding – there’s nothing worse than having a bad reaction so close to the big day. Just continue to drink plenty of water, get regular sleep and continue using the skincare products right for your skin. If you’ve got the right mindset, you’ll look gorgeous for your wedding!”

How have you adapted your beauty regiment in the lead-up to your big day, Wedding Clubbers?

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