Beauty Hedonism: How to Spoil Yourself Before the Wedding

Go ahead, spoil yourself.

by Sophia Smith

Now that you’ve finally found The One, that one amazing person worthy of you, your love and your future – it’s time you start celebrating the joy that’s about to start glittering all over your married life. We have no doubt you’ll be the best wife, and loved with such grand love that can’t be put into words!

Word on marriage

A word on marriage
Remember – the success of married life lies in respecting one another, cherishing the other one’s desires, being compassionate whenever your partner needs a shoulder to cry on or a sensible advice, and – above all – loving each other, unconditionally.

Naturally, as the marriage matures, the love will be getting all kinds of shapes, so fright not if you lose the butterflies; love evolves and the one you get to feel ten and more years into marriage, is a mature type of love, the one we all strive for. Be happy about it, every single moment will count.

Pre-ceremonial pampering
Getting ready for your big day is your opportunity to enjoy the chill time and prepare to shine on your W day. If you’re not sure where to start with all the indulging, here are some suggestions that will definitely do you good:

Schedule Massage Facial

Schedule a massage and facial
Every bride to be deserves to be relaxed and feel fantastic every day of the year, not to mention on the day of her wedding. Book the best massage therapist in town and have your whole body massaged to a point where you forget what it feels like to be tense! Make sure you do these bookings in time – you don’t want someone cutting in and leaving you feeling tense for your big day.

Visit a beauty salon

Visit a beauty salon, regularly
Pampering isn’t only fit for crowned queens, but you, too! The fact you weren’t born into a dynasty doesn’t mean you aren’t a princess anyways, and you do deserve only the best.
Hair appointments, mani pedis, facials, silk lashes extensions, brow shaping… anything you feel would be the best bet for you to look stunning. You can always consult with your beautician on recommended treatments.

Say yes to Cosmetic Procedures

Say yes to cosmetic procedures
Girls who have always been drawn to cosmetic procedures like non-invasive liposuctions, lip injections, Botox shots, facelifts, etc. and yet – had never had the courage or enough money to try them – this is your time to take action! For instance, Australian surgeons, experts in procedures like mini face lift in Sydney advise it’s best to opt for MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) Lift, also known as meloplasty as it offers a faster recovery time, minimal risk and excellent long-term lifting effects. Lip injections are always advised to be done at least two months prior any event; Botox shoots are less invasive and can be done a week prior.

Naturally, none of the procedures should be done a day or two prior the wedding – it takes time for the skin to adjust to changes so always consult with your medical professional on any type of the procedure you’d like to try.

Treat yourself to champagne

Treat yourself to champagne, flowers and cake
Being in a relationship and being in a marriage are two seemingly same things and yet, they differ oh-so-much (you’ll see). While you are still “single”, go on a date with yourself and treat yourself to a stroll down your favourite streets, sit for a piece of cake in your favourite bakery and enjoy a glass of champagne. Buy some fresh flowers on your way back home or drop by your favourite gallery and purchase that piece of artwork you’ve been lusting after for months. Indulge!

Throw a Me Party

Throw a “me” party by yourself
Whether it’s a “me” pyjama party at home with a glass of wine and a large bowl of popcorn, or a night at a fancy hotel – enjoy it to the fullest. Take a bubble bath, order room service (or order food if you are staying at home), and watch a movie… breathe in the beauty of little things!

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at High Style Life.

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by Sophia Smith


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