A Minimalist Guide to Perfect Wedding Makeup

Which girl doesn’t dream about her perfect wedding?

by Sophia Smith

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We all like to daydream and fantasize about having a picture-perfect wedding, wearing a beautiful dress, and marrying the love of our life. On the other hand, we are not the same, and our ideas of ‘picture-perfect’ probably differ a lot. There are girls who want everything to be over-the-top, but there are also those who like to keep things simple. This is a guide for girls who like delicate dresses, intricate hairstyles, and minimalist makeup.

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Forget about contouring

Contouring is a big hit these days, and there are makeup artists who are able to really do magic with their brushes. However, for a girl who likes to keep things simple, contouring on the big day is not necessary. Instead of having primer, foundation, bronzer, highlighter, and blush (not to mention four different kinds of brushes), you can get a flawless look by applying foundation only.

You don’t even have to apply it to your whole face, just on the problem areas that really need it. To keep the layer light, use a plain flat foundation brush and blend it into your face gently. For those who want to avoid foundation altogether, tinted moisturizer with an SPF looks more natural.

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Bold lips

Minimalist makeup doesn’t mean that you should ditch the lipstick, but if having ombré lips with three different lipstick shades sounds a bit too much for you, opt for something simpler. Just a touch of lipstick will be enough if you are going for the ‘barely there’ look.

However, wearing bold lipstick still fits into ‘minimalist’ category: nothing beats bright red lipstick. Glossy finishes look sweet, but such lipsticks can be a bit cakey, and if you don’t like the idea of sticky lips, opt for matte lipstick instead. You don’t have to use bold colours if you don’t want to, light pink which is about two shades darker than your actual lip colour will look great as well.

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The eyes and their lines

If the idea of having elaborate smokey eyes does not seem too appealing, there is a solution: simple liquid eyeliner. The beauty of eyeliner is that it can be as gentle or as dramatic as you want it: a thin line just above your lashes is discreet but powerful, and sharp, winged eyeliner draws more attention to your eyes without you having to wear three layers of eye shadow.

False lashes are also incredibly popular, but they can be a bit too heavy on the eyelids. Luckily, there are plenty of useful eyelash makeup tips which can make your lashes appear twice as thick by applying mascara a bit different than usual.

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The importance of eyebrows

First things first: keep your eyebrows well groomed. Prominent brows shape the face nicely, but not everyone has naturally bushy or shapely brows. Lightly fill in your eyebrows with eyebrow powder or a pencil, but make sure the colour matches your hair (don’t keep it too dark, it will look artificial and a bit intimidating). To draw more attention to your eyes, you can apply a bit of shimmery champagne eye shadow (or a bit of highlighter) to your brow bone.

Stay true to yourself and don’t let other people’s opinion change your mind – if you believe in minimalistic makeup, go for it! It doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear on your wedding day. If you are truly happy to be marrying the love of your life, your genuine smile will be radiant enough and your eyes will sparkle in such a way that no amount of makeup will be able to cover it.

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by Sophia Smith


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