7 Fragrances For The Bride

Have you thought about the fragrance you will be wearing on the day? Will it be an old favourite, or are you considering something different that will forever remind you…

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Have you thought about the fragrance you will be wearing on the day? Will it be an old favourite, or are you considering something different that will forever remind you of your wedding? Smells can transport you to specific times and places, so call upon a special perfume to commemorate the occasion and let it hold special meaning that will accompany you through your days as a married woman. Scroll down to see 7 lovely bottles that you might want to take on a test run the next time you’re at the cosmetics department.

“Prada’s latest fragrance evolved from the concept of an imaginary flower created especially for Candy. Of course, Candy cannot simply have any flower. Her fantasy flower must be unique, embodying her many facets: the fragrance’s light airiness puts the sparkle in her, followed by tender powdery notes that echo her Spring-like grace. A final whisper of warmth and honey reflects Candy’s rich sensuality.”

“The Manifesto signature is a combination of three key features: audacity, excess and desire. The audacity is mainly brought by the surprising modernity of crispy green notes in the top. The excess is built by the extremely feminine notes of Sambac jasmine that create a heart as disturbing as elegant. And the desire is illustrated by a tempting sensual blend of woody and tonka bean notes in the dry-down.”

“Inspired by the marriage of old and new, B. Bcalenciaga reflects back on the fashion house’s classic heritage in a modern way. The bottle’s frosted glass has a unique crackle texture, inspired by the marble tiling of Balenciaga’s original 10 Avenue George V Paris salon. The shape commands a six-sided architectural design, while the unique exposed arch of the cap pays homage to the arches found in Balenciaga fashion and accessories.”

“Bonbon, a timeless sensation inviting a pure and absolute pursuit of pleasure. She who wears Bonbon, dresses herself in perfume whilst creating her own story. She is empowered, beautiful and complete. Caramel characterizes the scent’s evolution. From inception to completion, the caramel notes mature from a sharp, edible top note to softer and milkier in the middle then darkening to add depth to the base note. A pure delight, a haute confection.”

“A sophisticated statement, and an irresistible invitation. Rose and gardenia lend a feminine grace to vetiver and black and white cedars. At the core, notes of musc offer undeniable warmth and sensuality. Evoking mystery, attraction, and exquisite desire, Narciso embodies the scent of seduction.”

“Inspired by the Elie Saab Ready-To-Wear Resort Collections, the new Elie Saab limited edition is the promise of an escapade in the Mediterranean. This is a springtime reinterpretation of the Elie Saab orange flower signature enhanced with a sweet and gourmand fig.”

“Roberto Cavalli Paradiso was designed to enhance the joie de vivre. An uplifting and stimulating fragrance, it radiates delight and happiness. A resounding ode to sensuality and seducation, it encourages us to seize the moment and fully enjoy the pleasures of this earthly paradise. The Roberto Cavalli Paradiso woman exudes charm, glee and brightness. She is optimistic and has a sunny disposition. She makes the most of life and transforms every occassion into a precious opportunity to be savoured and treasured. She understands that style and glamour are, more than a posture, a true way of life.

What style of perfume do you usually go for, Wedding Clubbers?

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