5 Weekly Fitness Rituals Every Bride Should Try

Healthy rituals are an empowering way to mark a week's progress toward your goals. Promise yourself to do just one of these activities each weekday, and you'll be looking and…

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Want to look like Amal in your wedding dress? If you’re keen to look your very best for your wedding, eating well and working up a sweat a few times as week is essential! It can be tricky to get (and stay) motivated, but there’s nothing like having a timetable to make you stick to your health regimen. So, we got some expert advice from personal trainer Doug Rice on the most important things to focus on when getting healthy. Try these five activities each week and you’ll be looking and feeling amazing come your big day. Promise.

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Monday: Outdoor Sprint Intervals
Pick any two points in a park that are about 25 metres apart. Sprint from point A to point B and then back to point A; then walk for one minute to recover. Keep it up for 10 minutes.

Tuesday: Straight Push-Ups
Do as many push-ups as you can in five minutes. Start and stop as you need, but push yourself. Each week, try to beat your previous record.

Wednesday: Quinoa Day
Pick a healthy food and assign it to a Wednesday meal. We suggest quinoa, as its super high protein content will help you feel full.

Thursday: Partner Up
Turn Thursday into partner day and include your fiancé or maid of honour in your fitness routine. Take them to the gym on a guest pass or go on a run together.

Friday: Outdoor Meditation
Find a peaceful spot in your yard or a nearby park or even just on a balcony. Pop on some earphones with soothing music, close your eyes and simply quiet your mind for 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll feel more relaxed and centered — and ready to take on the weekend!

Remember, Knotties: weekly rituals are a wonderful way to mark time, allowing you to more easily look back on what you’ve accomplished, and are a less overwhelming way to count down toward your overall bridal fitness goals.

What’s your pre-wedding fitness routine, Knotties?

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