Clean and Minimalist Wedding Trends

When it comes to the most wanted wedding trend for this year, we can say that it’s a clean and minimalist style everyone has been raving about.

by Sohpia Smith

When it comes to the most wanted wedding trend for this year, we can say that it’s a clean and minimalist style everyone has been raving about. If you would like to know more about it, stay with us.
Here are its most important features and tips on how to incorporate it into your own wedding ceremony.

Why minimalist?

The clean and minimalist wedding trend has always been admired, especially when it comes to brides with sophisticated taste who know exactly what they want. However, it’s gaining momentum this year – it actually became the number one trend in wedding planning. The reasons are very simple – such a style is free of unnecessary details, which may make everything look too crowded and even tacky!
Minimalism is the key – less is definitely more in this case, and brides know that!

Increase in demand for more organic forms

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in demand for natural elements and organic forms, due to the fact that these perfectly fit into the clean and minimalist wedding trend. This incorporates tropical ferns, flower bulbs, and wild foliage, which are used for designing gorgeous backdrops and the most stunning centrepieces.

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Apart from these, ceramics are widely used in minimalist wedding planning, since these depict the connection with nature and earth in the best possible way. More and more brides today are choosing succulents instead or regular flowers, and ceramic vases are great for adding another dimension and texture.

Clean style ideas as a good way to go

The ceremony is surely the most important part of a wedding, and brides are aware of that fact. So, instead of choosing to have a variety of different colourful flowers, more and more of them are opting for a clean backdrop that still has a wow factor. A simple combination of monster leaves and tropical ferns will surely do the trick.

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However, if that’s not enough, there is always an option of inserting a bit of white – carnation and lily-of-the-valley may be just the perfect choice. Just remember that too many details can spoil everything, so make sure that everything is as clean as possible!

Metallics are a must

When it comes to colour scheme, minimalist weddings are very straightforward – in addition to green and white, metallics play a huge role in wedding decoration. Brass, copper, and bronze, as well as gold and rose gold, are inevitable parts of any minimalist colour scheme.

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Needless to say, these are used for a wide range of details – from stationery to tableware to bride’s and bridesmaids’ jewellery. Some of the most popular colour schemes that include metallics are gold + taupe + chocolate + off white, and silver + mint + umber + royal purple.

Unexpected features as an element of surprise

Even though minimalist weddings are very sophisticated and elegant, the truth is that there is an element of surprise that can stun everyone present. The latest trend features floral-free bouquets, which are basically made of green leaves, ferns, and even succulents – everything but flowers!

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With such a bouquet, it’s important that everything else is as clean as possible – starting with flower girl dresses, which should ideally be white without unnecessary details. Green headpieces, together with the cutest flower girl baskets in white will do wonders, perfectly matching with the extravagant bouquet and the overall wedding theme.
As you can see, this wedding trend is a huge hit for a good reason – it still allows creativity, while being unique and stunning at the same time. If you’re a bride-to-be, feel free to choose it for your own ceremony – you won’t regret it. You’ll love to look at your wedding photos over and over again, thanks to this authentic trend that’s truly enchanting.

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by Sohpia Smith


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