The Great Gatsby Wedding of your Dreams

When we think of the “Great Gatsby”, three things come to our minds: glamour, jazz, and classy parties.

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The 20s were the years of excessive hedonism and incredible lifestyle trends, fashion included. There is something really magical in going back through time and using the Jazz Era as an inspiration for ceremonies.
Read on to find out how to make a wedding of your dreams, full of Art Deco details, sequins, and pearls, followed by the sounds of Charleston.

PinterestImage: Wedding Club
Image: Wedding Club

Wedding dress and apparel

Search for a wedding dress that has Art Deco details: think silk, lace, sequins and metallic details, V-necklines, and pleats. Stick with the clean and simple cuts of maxi dresses, typical for the 20’s formal look – and explore different looks until you find something that suits you perfectly. For the groom: you can stick with the classic black suit, but make sure you wear a vest underneath and a bowtie for that 20’s look. A simple collar white shirt will do the trick.

PinterestImage: Southern Weddings, Temple Square
Image: Southern Weddings, Temple Square

For a more extravagant look, we propose an ivory linen suit, blue shirt, gray vest underneath, yellow label tie and a handkerchief within the same colour range. Opt for brown shoes (ocher or shades of cinnamon, or caramel) for the classy, Leonardo DiCaprio-movie-inspired look. Guests should follow the main trends of the Jazz Era: ladies can embrace the flapper-style and opt for light fabrics that fall freely down the bodyline, simple slip-on dresses with a drop-waist, sequins and metallic details, and pleats; suites adapted to the occasion are a must for the gentlemen.

Makeup, hairstyle and fashion details

To get that classy twenties look, you should definitely choose the finger wave updo, so invest in a great hairdresser. Accessorize with rhinestone hair jewelry or a feather-headband. Pearls and shiny statement jewelry, as well as fine long gloves, are some of the fashion details you should consider.

PinterestImage: Dwell Beautiful, Temple Square
Image: Dwell Beautiful, Temple Square

As for the makeup, typical 20’s look includes enhanced thin eyebrows, fair-skin look with heavy blush, brownish shimmering eye shadow, and a bold red lipstick. To make those eyes really stand out, try out fake lashes. The “Great Gatsby” style is all about the slicked hair, so men should opt for the side-part and hair pulled on the side with a subtle wave.

Wedding details

You have to think of everything if you want to pull off a “Great Gatsby” wedding: from wedding invitations and place cards, to the type of cake and decorations. Art Deco details are the key. Your wedding cake should really catch the 20’s spirit: opt for the gold or silver ones, decorated with pearls, or choose a pastel shade for the castor sugar and rely on heavy detailing.

PinterestImage: Wedding Bells, Dwell Beautiful, Wedding Star
Image: Wedding Bells, Dwell Beautiful, Wedding Star

To make sure your guests aren’t confused about where their table is, choose the Gatsby-inspired wedding place cards, and make sure you match them with wedding invitations. You can decorate the tables with pearls, lace or crystal details, or even find vintage servings for food and beverages.

Menu choices

To really go all-in, include types of food that were characteristic for the 20s. Despite the prohibition, the twenties were the era of heavy drinking and enjoying life to the fullest, so make sure to have golden champagne and gin.

Music and activities

Of course, jazz should be your number one choice. Consider renting a jazz orchestra and ask if they would dress according to the wedding theme. Have a guest book that is decorated adequately. As for the activities, here are some ideas: badminton, cricket or Charleston dance-off. Make sure everyone is having fun!

PinterestImage: Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings
Image: Style Me Pretty, Southern Weddings

Themed weddings can really be more fun than the classic ones. Guests will certainly enjoy you Gatsby-inspired ceremony, so keep in mind these details for a truly memorable day when you’ll say “I do”!

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