Seven hints to help you nail your Toast

Remember that being asked to toast at a wedding should be considered an honour and not a time to get up and embarrass the bride and groom.

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    Plan and practice your speech. It is always nice to attend a wedding when you can see the person making the speech has put some genuine thought into what they wish to say

  2. It is perfectly acceptable to refer to notes you have made for your speech but remember to look up and make eye contact and not just read your speech word for word from the page
  3. Make the speech personal by referring to stories and memories. Humour is great but make sure that the stories or memories are relevant to the bride or groom and definitely not to embarrassing for either of them

  4. Make sure you know when you are scheduled to make the toast so that you are prepared at this time and try not to drink to much beforehand
  5. Ensure you keep the audience’s attention by limiting the time you speak. Keep the speech to about 4 – 5 minutes. Any longer and you will lose the audience

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  6. When you get up to speak make sure you speak clearly and slowly. No one will judge you if you stumble a bit but when you do talk make sure everyone can understand what you are saying.
  7. Lastly, make sure you Smile. Remember being asked to or expected to speak at a wedding is nothing short of an honour.

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