8 Things You Should Know Before Shopping for The Perfect Flower Girl Dress

Finding the perfect flower girl is a wish every bride out there has. And if you want to make that wish real, take a look at this list we made…

by Sophia's Style

Finding the perfect flower girl is a wish every bride out there has. And if you want to make that wish real, take a look at this list we made together with Sophia’s Style on how to find the perfect flower girl dress.

You’ll know what are the key aspects you should take into consideration when selecting a dress and make sure you’ve checked all the points before going shopping with your little one!

Choose the Right Length

If you’re wondering what length should a flower girl dress have, don’t worry! There isn’t any standard rule, but you should follow your intuition. Depending on the age of the girl and her ability to walk alone on the aisle without tripping, you can determine the length. Floor-length dresses are suitable for older girls, while T-length or short dresses are appropriate for baby girls and toddlers.

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Charming, White Flower Girl Dress
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Pick the Right Size

Kids grow fast, so picking the right size can be tricky. The girl should attend some fittings before the event just to make sure the dress is not too long/short/tight etc. This way she’ll feel comfortable at the Big Event and unfortunately incidents like tripping on the dress while walking will be avoided.

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Gorgeous Soft Blues
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How to Pick the Perfect Dress Style

Lace or ruffle dress? A-line or tulle skirt? Deciding on the dress style is hard! For extra inspiration, take a look at this article on top 31 dresses styles & trends to pin this year!

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Bright and Bold
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When to Buy the Dress

A perfect timing for buying the dress is essential. Going shopping months in advance is good if you want to see what’s available out there, but terrible if you want to buy the dress. The little one can outgrow the dress in a couple of months and you’re efforts will be wasted.

Pick a Happy Colour

A bright dress can bring a happy large smile on the girl’s face like nothing else! Traditionally, the flower girl’s dress was supposed to be white, but now there are plenty of colorful options for you to choose from out there. Don’t get stuck in traditions if you don’t feel like it.

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Pretty in Pink
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If you’re having a traditional wedding and it’s a must to have a white flower girl attire to match the bridal gown, finding a white dress for your little one won’t be a problem. Lace, tulle or ruffles dresses, they’re all perfect for a white outfit.

Find out here how to make a white dress stand out from the crowd!

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Little Princesses

Stay Season Appropriate

A freezing girl walking down the aisle is not the most adorable thing to see. Keep your flower girl warm if you’re having the wedding in a cold season. A bolero and an umbrella are very stylish finishes for her attire. Take into consideration a dress with sleeves too.

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Gorgeous Flower Print
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Comfy Shoes Are a Must

The shoes for kids have all one thing in common: they are very comfy. When your flower girl walks in her adorable dress on the aisle, she mustn’t feel any kind of discomfort. If you buy matching shoes for the dress, allow her to wear them a couple of time around the house so she can get used to them.

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Footwear Bling and Comfort
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Flower Girl Accessories

Any outfit needs some accessories to be complete. Hair flower crowns or ribbon wands are perfect for a tiny little girl. You can make these accessories together with your girl if you’re looking for a bonding activity!

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