6 Ways To Tell You Have A Groomzilla On Your Hands (In GIFs)

Is your groom behaving badly? Here's the signs he gone a little wedding cray!

by The Knot

Typically you hear about brides going all cray and morphing bridezillas, but getting wrapped up in wedding planning can even happen to the groom!

It’s obvious that your groom should be helpful and involved in the wedding planning process, as it’s a day for both of you, but here’s how you’ll know if you’re dealing with a groomzilla.

1. He complains about not having his own groom’s shower


2. He won’t compromise on inviting his old mates you’ve never heard of, when you’ve already agreed to cut some of your cousins


3. He keeps hounding his groomsmen, making sure they’re planning the best bucks night ever


4. He chose the entire playlist and threatens not to pay the DJ if he plays anything else


5. He passively agrees to everything in the beginning, then wants to change it all at the last minute


6. He goes with you to pick your wedding dress – and intervenes when the sales people pull dresses he doesn’t like


Do you have a groomzilla on your hands? 


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