4 Fashion Ideas To Help The Groom Stand Out

Distinguish yourself from your posse. Here's how to help the guests pick you out of the line-up.

by The Knot

Sure, all eyes will be on the bride, but as the groom you should still set yourself apart. Although the tradition dictates that the groom and his henchmen all wear similar outfits, it’s important to help guests identify you as the special guy who just locked lips with the bride at the altar.

The more formal the event, the more strict the codes of conduct. If you are opting for an ultra-formal affair, your team will wear virtually the same attire, so being singular becomes a tougher task. The more casual the celebration, the more leeway you’ll have. But regardless of the sartorial of your wedding you can use these four ways to stand out on your special day.

 Alternative Tux

breanna-dane-married-446Photography: I Love Wednesdays
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Wearing a subtly different jacket from those of your groomsmen is a sure-fire way to make your mark. For a daytime affair, wear a cutaway coat, but have your boys wear stroller coats instead. If you select a double-breasted jacket, put your men in a single-breasted cut. Or, put yourself in a one-button jacket and have the groomsmen sport a three-button version. This groom wore a shirt with black buttons, and his groomsmen wore a plain white button up shirt. Another option: wear a white dinner jacket, and put the groomsmen in traditional black tuxes (or vice versa).

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 A Fancier Flower

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A unique boutonniere, a “mini-corsage” worn on the jacket lapel, is the easiest way to help guests single you out. If your wedding will be very formal and mismatched tuxes would seem inappropriate, run with this option. For example, have boutonnieres made of the same flower (such as orchids) for the groom and groomsmen, but add a berry or herbal accent, such as rosemary, oregano, or mint to yours. Or, select a different but very similar blossom: wear a lily of the valley boutonniere, and have your men sport stephanotis. It’s a good idea to keep the flowers in the same colour family for a consistent look. Two more options: the groom can adorn himself with a 2- or 3-blossom boutonniere and the groomsmen with a single bloom of the identical flower, or the groom can wear a fully open blossom while the groomsmen don buds of the same flower.

 The Telltale Tie

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Boost your “all about me” factor by wearing a different coloured tie or bow tie than the gang. For instance, if you wear a silver tie and matching vest, the groomsmen could sport a vest and tie combo that complements or matches the bridesmaid dresses. Grooms can go one step further and wear a different type of neck wear from the guys. If you choose a bow tie, the groomsmen could wear neck ties with a Windsor knot, which has a triangle-shaped knot, larger than your standard, everyday four-in-hand. Or, if you plan to wear an ascot, select a matching neck tie for your men.

 Variety in the Vest

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Vests are another element of the tux with which grooms can experiment. Pick a vest that’s a different colour from that of your groomsmen. If you choose a black tie and black vest, you could put the groomsmen in a colour that matches the bridesmaid dresses. Or, set yourself apart in a cummerbund and put the fellas in vests.

Are you helping your groom with his wedding attire?

by The Knot


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  1. my groom will have a blue jacket with black satin lapel while boys will wear plain black jackets

  2. We had the boys in charcoal grey suits, including waist coats and my husband wore a blue waist coat. The boys also wore blue ties and he wore an ivory one. He also had a set of cuff links which were pretty cool! There’s lots of things the boys can do.

  3. Good article, because there are two people getting married and it shouldn’t be all about the bride…surely we’re over that archaic notion these days? By the way,under ‘alternative tux’ it’s ‘plain’,not ‘plane’.

  4. What a load it is the brides day… It was our day, I was so annoyed with this each time we talked to different tailors. My now Husband wore a different suit, with matching cravat matching my dress. He also walked the aisle as well before my arrival, as he was getting married too.

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