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    After much stress and anguish, my partner and I have worked out our guest list and sent out our save the date cards.

    We have a limit of 100 people that our reception venue will hold, and therefore have had to make a lot of hard decisions when it came to who to invite (and we also had to draw the line somewhere).

    There are a couple of work friends of mine who we haven’t been able to invite which I feel really bad about. I know they will be totally understanding, however I want to be able to politely tell them that they aren’t invited, as I see them every day.

    But I just want any tips or hints on how to do this. I just want to be honest with them, but just want ideas on how to say it. Should I send a nice card? Should I take them to coffee? I don’t want it to come across in a bad way. It’s just such a hard conversation to have!!



    Honestly, I think that taking them out for coffee or sending them a card is probably a bit much. Whilst I think the sentiment is lovely – that you want to explain the situation without hurting any feelings – these sorts of approaches could be misconstrued as rubbing their faces in it a little. I would wait until something about the wedding is brought up at work and then mention how you had such a hard time cutting down your guest list because your venue only seats 100 etc etc. If you don’t feel that this is enough of a hint that they aren’t invited, you could mention that they will all have to catch up after you get back from your honeymoon so that they can see the photos. It’s subtle but should get the point across without making them feel as if they’re having their faces rubbed in it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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