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    We would like to set up a honeymoon/travel registry with Flight Centre or similar as an option for guests instead of gifts.
    I am looking for a verse to include on my enclosure cards, I don’t really want a poem or anything to long, but something that is polite, as I want it to be the guest’s choice, we have been living together for a while plus with engagement presents we don’t need anything for the home.
    Can anyone suggest some wording that sounds better than this:
    We have arranged a Bridal Registry with Flight Centre for our honeymoon, if you would like to contribute to our honeymooon in lieu of a gift



    I personally don’t like the poems. We are going for:
    Your love, laughter and company on our wedding day are the most special gifts we could ever hope to receive. Should you wish to follow tradition and honour us with a wedding gift, a contribution to our honeymoon would be warmly received. If you would prefer to surprise us with something more personal we are sure that whatever gift you choose will bring us years of joy. Please visit http://ourhoneymoonregistry.co/rebeccaandchristopher for details.
    Just FYI, I did a bit of research about honeymoon registries. Flight centre had very mixed reviews. Apparently some branches make you pay for the honeymoon in advance and won’t refund you the value of your gifts – they make you use them for a future holiday! Other branches are fine. I ended up going with the above website as it doesn’t have any obligation of how you access the money. I also thought it was a bit more personal that guests could buy us a specific experience (cocktail/meal/massage) rather than just give money. I know in the end they are giving money, but I think it’s a bit better. Some other websites charge 7% commission – this one just $99 for us to set it up, guests aren’t charged anything. Just my opinion though! But feel free to check out our registry as an example :)



    Thank you Bec2013, I did a bit of research yesterday and we decided we won’t be going through them, I wanted a bit more flexibility, I wanted the option to shop around for good deals.
    I really like the start of your verse, that was more along the lines of what I was looking for, we want to place an expectation on guest to give us money if they would prefer not to, so trying to work that into the wording.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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