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    Mark danel

    I found that the wedding dress selling so cheap on chinese online store! Especially the chinese taobao! Some of the seller’s wedding dress’s price only cost $100. And very also very beautifu! I am on thinking if i should buy one from the Taobao. Is anybody have the experience of purchasing from taobao?


    Mark danel



    i bought my dress online at dinodirect.com which is a chinese store and i would highly reccomend shopping with them! i had a friend measure me (in inches) and popped all my measurements in the boxes, clicked order, and my amazingly beatiful dress arrived custom made at my door 3 weeks later! and let me tell you, the size that they made it to was absolutely perfect! it fits better than a glove! the materials that were used were absolutely superb! it wasnt lacking anything! i though that it might have crummy materials or not many layers but my dress arived with, an underlayer, a tulle underskirt, a satin skirt/train, and THREE layers of soft tulle on top of the satin.. i have no words to describe how happy i am! perfect length too! and the best part… the entire dress… INCLUDING POSTAGE cost me $180!!  i have a friend who is a dressmaker and she was absolutely astounded at the quality of the dress and the short amount of time that they took to make it! sha said that in australia she wouldnt even be able to purchase the materials to make the dress.. let alone think about the cost of workmanship, she estimated that if i had got the same dress custom made from scratch in australia then i would have been paying over 7k.. bottom line.. do it! buy your dress online i loved mine! i dont have enough words to explain how happy i am with my dress (dinodirect.com)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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