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    Hi! I’ve recently started planning our wedding including starting off our guest list. This led me to the dilemma of deciding who should walk me down the aisle. The typical choice would be my father however we don’t have a close relationship. My parents had a nasty divorce when I started high school which made my relationship with him more distant. He has since then remarried.. however never even told me he did! it wasnt until afterwards that I found out, and to this day I haven’t yet met his new wife. I don’t know if I want to leave him out of the wedding, but I need a bit of advice to figure out if its ok to have my mother walk me down the aisle instead. Any words of wisdom please?



    It’s absolutely not a problem for your mum to walk you down the aisle – I had a friend in a similar situation and it was so much more meaningful watching her mum walk her down the aisle as they have always had a very close relationship so it was very emotional for them both. I have also been to weddings where both parents have walked the bride down the aisle. In your situation though, you need to do what you are most comfortable with and it doesn’t sound like having your dad give you away is the right thing to do.



    Hi Skye, tradition is out the window these days, people are much more flexible about weddings and will personalise them to their own needs and preferences. Nothing is standard or ‘one size fits all’ anymore so don’t be afraid to do it your way.
    Your father doesn’t have to walk you down the aisle, in fact you don’t even have to invite him if you think it will make things awkward or uncomfortable (better to be safe than sorry). You could have your mother, sibling(s), close friend or relative, maid of honour; practically anyone you wish. Some people will even have a beloved pet or child escort them. Do what makes you happy, it is a celebration and reflection of your relationship so it should be done your way.



    I have a similar dilemma, my father has never been in my life, haven’t seen him since I was 6yrs old.
    But I do have 2 older brothers, I originally thought I’d ask my eldest brother but I’m much closer to the 2nd, so decided I’d just ask my mum instead, as she was my mum and my dad so it should have been her job all along. .
    Then comes my Aunty, (it gets a little tricky here haha) whom I call daddy,  basically as I child I couldn’t say her name so I just went will daddy haha but now she thinks as I’ve called her daddy for 25yrs it’s her job! For goodness sake! Haha
    In the end I’ve asked my mum. 
    As compensation I’ve given her a daddy daughter dance to the song of her choice which we’re both happy about

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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