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    Hi all, 
    I am having three bridesmaids plus my maid of honour.  Two are my sisters who will by coming from the UK to attend.  We don’t make a lot of money and have a really tight budget, but do you think we should pay for the bridesmaids dresses?  And if I pay for my sisters do I have to pay for the other two as well?  I haven’t officially asked any of the girls yet, but when I do am planning on putting a little package together with dates, itinerary, colour scheme etc. Do you think maybe I should just put a $100 voucher in to go towards the dresses?  
    I’m so confused!  I feel like it’s up to us to pay, espescially since people are coming from overseas, but at the same time, can’t really afford to, and if we pay for bridesmaids do we need to pay for hair and makeup, and also groomemens suits?  



    I paid for all of my girls dresses, cost me $45 each dress including postage from ebay, they arrived and were perfect, they are paying for any alterations to length, etc. My fiance is paying for the grooms suits $130ish for full suits, ties and waistcoats including postage also from ebay.
    I paid for half hair and make-up they are paying the other half.
    It is up to you as to if you want to or not, if you can’t afford it then perhaps just offer to put a bit of cash towards each dress, I told the girls I would give them $50 each towards each dress but seeing as I found the perfect ones for less than that I figured I would just pay for them anyway. I am sure the girls will understand you can’t afford to buy their dresses, I have never heard of anyone paying completely for their girls dresses and everyone was shocked I did for mine. All of us are very strict with money (2 of my girls are due to give birth within a month of the wedding), one is studying and the other has to travel 1000kms like us to get to the venue. Perhaps just negotiate something with them :)


    Thanks that’s definitely put my mind at ease!  I think I’ll either offer some money, or arrange for them to pay for dresses/shoes, but Ill pay for accessories and hair.  

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