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    Who is paying for your bridesmaids dresses?
    I could not in good contience ask someone to be a bridesmaid then expect them to pay. FH & I have decided that we would pay for the outfits. I’m only having 1 MOH so it wasnt a huge expense, she picked her own dress which we both really liked and thats where we are. My thought is that my gift to her will only be something little and special as I havent asked her to pay for her dress. Am I being stingy? Do people normally pay for their bridesmaids these days?



    My ‘maids will be paying for their own dresses (except in the case of one of my sisters, who is 11; my parents will be covering her dress). I did feel bad asking them to pay, but it just didn’t figure into our budget (especially with 5 ‘maids – my 2 sisters and his 3). They assumed they would be paying for their attire anyway and were surprised when I apologised about not being able to cover their dresses. We have talked budget and I will be choosing a dress/dresses that fit within all of their means. I have only specified black shoes (which every girl has already), whatever jewellery they like, I will be paying for them to get their hair done and am not making them get professional makeup – so I am trying to keep the costs down for them all.
    Only one of my FSIL is married – she had her 2 sisters and her best friend as ‘maids. All 3 paid for their own dresses (not too sure about hair and makeup though). I know that her sisters both bought new shoes and jewellery for the wedding, but this was entirely their choice. A friend of mine is also planning her wedding – she is having 2 ‘maids and they are both paying for their own dresses (it sounds like she is doing something similar to me).
    I don’t think you are being stingy at all in only buying her a small gift – I think you have gone above and beyond by buying your MOH your dress because that’s something that you don’t really hear of these days. If you’re both happy, I don’t think it matters what you decide to do in regards to who pays for what and gifts.



    thanks JessicaFay.
    I nearly had 5 bridesmaids. I didnt know where i was going to find 5 girls for a stary as I lack sisters and mostly have male friends. FH has been best man 5 times. Fortunately with regards to budget FH & I are in a good financial position but it would have been a monstrous cost to pay for all of them.
    Tthanks for clarifying, i’m not a very experienced wedding type and don’t know the rules.

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