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    I know it’s usually the dad that walks the bride down the aisle, but my relationship with my dad has always been strained and sometimes we would go months without talking- so we’re not super close.
    I’ve been thinking of asking my brother to do the honours, but I don’t know how my dad would react and I don’t want to hurt his feelings, as I’m sure that he is assuming that it will be him.
    I would love your thoughts on the topic and to know if anyone else has been/ is in, a similar situation! xx



    I have been to two weddings in the past 6 months where the brides had their mother walk them down the aisle rather than their father.
    In both situations the relationship with the father had been pretty bad since the parents divorced when they were teenagers. The fathers were not happy, but dealt with the situation.
    If you are afraid of hurting your dad’s feelings, I would recommend asking him about it, making sure that he understands your reasons. It also depends if you would have him walk you down the aisle if he does turn out to be hurt by not doing the honours. You might want to decide in advance if you will change your mind depending on his reaction, or if you will stick to your guns.



    i rarely talk to my father, he doesnt even know when i am getting married, just knows we are engaged due to history with him, i am asking my brother to walk me down the aisle, yes we have fought (a lot) when we were living together but since i moved away with my fiance (we live 1000kms but same state as our families) things are great, i think asking your brother is a great idea, and a true honor at that



    Maybe your dad and brother could do it?
    I considered having both my parents give me away. They split up when I was 9 and I never saw much of my dad. 

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