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    Liz Carter

    Hi lovelies! I’m a bit daunted and intimidated by the whole dress shopping process and wondered if I could ask for some advice. I’m looking for a dress for under $1500 and don’t really know where to start looking or even if it’s possible to find something for that price. We’ll be having a destination wedding (Thailand) so I’d love something light and fairly simple but I don’t want to walk into a shop and find that everything is out of my price range or is not suitable for the Thai weather. My mum is coming from the UK to offer moral support and we’d like to choose 2-3 shops to start with so any ideas would be amazing. I live in the northern suburbs but can travel pretty much anywhere in Melbs. Thanks ladies! 



    Ring shops and ask. I rang shops I was interested in and said “My budget is X, is it worth me coming to your shop?” They were really honest and some told me not to come!
    I got my dress at Fairytales which would be in your price range, not sure if it is your style though.



    I was going to suggest Fairytales as well I got my gown at the Moonee ponds boutique it’s on Ascot Vale Rd so not far out of the way from Northern Subs.. There were lots of gowns right around that price point. Good luck! 



    There’s a bridal gown clearance centre called iModa in wantirna. I was going to go there before finding my dress on sale at another store, so I’m not sure what kind of range etc they have in their sale gowns.



    Try Hills in Hollywood (in Armadale – High St), check out their website too. Even if they don’t have a sample of every dress from the website they can still measure you up, etc. I found my dress in another store down the road for $2500, went into Hills in Hollywood and it turned out they’re the supplier and I bought it for $990! Excellent customer service from Cathy too, the whole time spent there was a great experience!


    Have you considered buying online?
    I bought my dress from Idilio and was very happy with it!
    Their dresses are designed by Oksana Mukha and all sewn in Europe (as opposed to China, as you’d find in most salons here), so the quality does differ a lot – believe me, I went to almost all the salons around Melbourne CBD and couldn’t find “the one” – either didn’t like the fabrics used, or the quality was clearly cheaply-made, or was waaay out of my budget.
    I just had a look on their website and found this flowy airy dress, perfect for hot weather and in your budget! :) not sure if that’s kind of what you’re looking for…


    Liz Carter

    Thanks for your ideas everyone! I’ve booked in for an appointment at Fairytales and have also seen some great dresses online at Anna Campbell. I feel so much better now knowing there are dresses in my style & budget out there!

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