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    So I’ve been looking for some good wedding wedges to wear on the day as I dont want to wear heels as they can be uncomfortable and low/flat shoes are out of the question as I would look like a child next to my fiance. 😮 
    So I was wanting to purchase some wedges preferrably in ivory with glitter and/or diamantes.
    Can anyone suggest a department store or website I can visit?
    I am located in Sydney



    When I first read the title I thought of potato wedges! Haha, oh dear…
    But onto the subject of wedges (as in shoes) I recently found a site called Shoes of Prey, they are a little more expensive (though nowhere near designer prices) and you can design your own shoes, from the materials they’re made of, embellishments, heel height, you name it! If you’re struggling to find the right shoes (as wedges come in and out of style and wedding appropriate ones are very hard to find) then this may be worth looking into, it is all online and shipping is free.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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