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       after getting married, all want to have a baby earlier?many colleagues got married last year,and most were pregnant this year,however,i just moved into new house that is new deorated,i think 2 years later,i should prepared for pregnant,right?



    You’ll be ready when you’re ready. We’re getting married in March and planning then to save some money and hopefully start trying at the end of next year. There were some things that we wanted to acomplish before having a baby:
    1. An ongoing position in a school for me (so that I’ll be able to take proper maternity leave and come back to the same school)
    2. Get married 
    3. Travel overseas as much as possible 
    4. Buy a house
    We’ve acomplished no. 3, on the way to no. 2 and hopefully have no. 1 next year. We decided that no. 4 is not so important now because we figured we’re better off buying a house after we have a baby, when I’m back at work and able to contribute to the mortgage. 
    However waiting is getting very hard, I’m so clucky! So I’ve made the next 18 months a time where I really try to cherish our last bit of time as dinki’s (double income no kids) and buying expensive things, going out for fancy dinners and spending as much time together as possible, before commiting to looking after a little person. 


    I agree with Jenaya in that you should set yourself some goals that you want to achieve before you plan for a baby… Make sure your finances are stable, if you want to buy a house then try to do that first, make sure you can afford childcare costs, a bigger car if you need one, etc.
    i already have 1 child, who was not planned, so my fiancé and I won’t be having any more for a few years. We’re getting married next year, but I’m still at uni and want to graduate and get a stable job before we think of kids. We will be looking at December 2016 at the earliest for planning a child…



    My fiancé and I have talked about this in depth. We want to enjoy being married together before we begin trying. I figure after a year I’ll go off the pill and whenever it happens, it happens! 



    My fiancé at one point put it to me as an ultimatum, do I a) want to have a baby or b) get married .. Jerk! He knows how much I want BOTH haha
    I think it’s very important that we are married before having children, no disrespect to anyone, I am actually the ODD one out in my family by being married. Period. But before having children. Partially because of the where we are in our families..
    We are the first to marry on his side and he is also the eldest cousin/ grandchild, by a long shot apart from his sis who is my age the rest are between 16-12 and I, as mentioned have many nieces and nephews, who we would like to set an example for..
    All of my siblings are single parents and I think it says something. Perhaps if they had been committed to each other enough to be married they could have been committed to raising a child together (not saying that all it takes to raise a child is marriage by any means)
    anyway sorry that was kind off topic, I am keen as mustard! As soon as I sign that certificate all bets are off in my eyes 😀 although he reeaallly wants to own a home first, stability etc but Jennaya88 you raise a valid point in home buying after baby and being able to contribute financially.. Thanks hehe



    my hubby and I decided to start trying as soon as we were married, we got married in October this year however as he lost his baby (his v8 ute lol) at the start of the year he has told me he has to get another one before we try for kids as if we have kids now he will never be able to afford his ute (admittedly it was a very nice ute and not the most common), i was so upset when he told me as it has changed my future as well and I have had to change my opinion and everything on it but at least while he is looking for another ute it will give us time to save a bit more cash again after the wedding



    We want to be married first, however it will really depend on when we can legally marry. We’re thinking of having kids within 5 years, and were hoping to be married within 2 years. But with the current government being the way it is, all we can do is have the comfort of loving one another, stay strong and let the tears happen as they need to until we can be a legal family with kids who have married mums.

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