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    We want to get married in September 2015 in order to give us enough time to save our money to have the perfect wedding. I have an idea of where I want to have the reception but don’t know when to start booking it. How soon is too soon?



    Most places won’t let you book more than 12 months out. We tried to book ours a little more than 12 months out and some suppliers even didn’t give us a quote because they were focused on the weddings which were closer… Needless to say we went with the suppliers who were happy to discuss our options and take our booking in advance. 
    However if you can book it, do it, because you get 2013 prices and not 2015 which no doubt will be more expensive. We didn’t start booking until we knew exactly how much could and wanted to spend, so best to draw up your budget as well.
    because we waited to book though, we have the most perfect location, it’s beautiful with the most amazing team of people working there. 10 months to go!! 😀


    I’m a June 2015 bride (just got engaged on the weekend) and we’re going to enquire at our venue immediately. More because we want a specific venue for a specific date and since they only do one wedding a day we don’t want to miss out. Also, we’re getting married in New Zealand, which I would assume does book a couple years in advance, but I know most receptions accept 18 months to 2 years in advance… that’s what I’ve heard anyway. We went and saw another venue and even though they didn’t have any information about 2015 they were able to give us the 2014 info and said it wouldn’t be too much more expensive, but they were still happy to book us in.
    In my opinion, there is no such thing as too soon for a venue.. (okay, maybe 10 years is too soon)


    Thanks for the advice and congratulations on the engagements ladies! :) . I was going to spend the next few months getting quotes as we have a few places in mind. I would feel much better if the reception venue was booked because I have seen how stressful brides get when the venue is booked out so quick. I’m such an organised person and to have it be so far away is killing me!!



    I booked mine about 18 months ago – get married next week.
    The way I see it, if you have your heart set on somewhere and someone else books your date, then you are buggered! We are getting married in our home town which only has a few suitable venues so wanted to get it locked in… 


    I also booked mine approx 18 months in advance.  We were going for a particular date which means we had to book early, particularly as we will be getting married in October! Spring in Sydney is one of the busiest times. It depends on how popular venues are and your area. Some popular venues around us generally were booking up 18 months or so in advance
    Once you get the date locked in its easier, your next priorities would be church/ ceremony space, celebrant (if required), photographer/videographer…a lot of the rest will fall in to place later.
    Weddding dresses can take approx  6 months  to be made without alterations so leave plenty of time.
    My enquiries also have discovered bridesmaids dresses can take 3 months (depndungif they’re bing made) wedding riges take around 4weeks.
    Good luck!


    i booked everything just over 2 years in advance. its better to book early so somebody else doesnt get your perfect place before you. i booked our transport 28 months (horse and carriage) in advance and we were lucky to get it! they already had bookings for the days before and after our wedding, and other people enquiring about the same day! so deffinitely book things early! i also found some things that i booked earlier went up in price, but because i had booked before the price rise, they were obliged to still only charge me the original cheaper price!

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