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    I’ve noticed as I read through the posts that lots of people are having challenges with family, Bridesmaids, friends etc which are all very stressful. I wondered what peoples thoughts are on what are the most important things about their Wedding Day and if there was anything during the planning process that could be made easier to eliminate some of the overwhelm and stress involved? So , my question is what are the three most important things about your Wedding Day and what things could you think of that would make it easier if you had to start again?



    My important things on the wedding day – that my partner & I are happy. I really dont care what any others will have to say about our wedding – its going to be very different to every other wedding 99% of the guests have ever attended.
    I have not been stressed at any point throughout the planning, (meanwhile Im still 6 months away from wedding), I’m assuming others get stressed as they think about everyone else?  What will everyone else like or expect?
    Though as long as you pick a ceremony venue and a celebrant – thats the main things required to get married, right? lol
    So I guess that the point of this post is – dont listen to anyone else’s opinion and dont care what others have to say, (unless its your partner)!



    My most important things are that my FH & I, and our guests, have a great time on the day. Yes i worry about all the decor matching and if it will be too hot etc, but my fiance is very good at reminding me of what smost important. That is that at the end of the day, he and I are husband and wife and that our family and friends help us celebrate. We are getting married overseas in just under 3 weeks and the stress most certainly has been mounting lately. Mainly as i try to find time to do all the last minute stuff like dress/suit fittings and buy the accessories i havent gotten too yet. FH has been a great help, and im going to visit my mum tonight so she can help me finish off the DIY stuff. Having a destination wedding means it all has to be done a week in advance, fit easily in a suitcase, and we cant forget anything. I dont think i could have done anything differently to make it easier, other than picking a more generic colour. We picked a very specific shade of blue that has been hard to match with attire accessories and decor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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