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    Hello fellow Knotties,
    Newly engaged (Mother’s Day) and first time poster.
    My fiance and I set our date yesterday for the 29th August 2015 and we were told that the first thing you have to nail down is your venue and celebrant. We’re working on the venue but what I need to ask is to do with the celebrant.
    What do you say when you first meet a celebrant? What should you ask? what do they need to know? How do you ask about fees etc? How do you say that you’ll be meeting some others before making a decision?
    I’m particularly nervous as I don’t want to upset anyone or seem rude by shopping around.
    can anyone help me with any advice at all?


    Sorry… don’t know what happened to the post there… :/



    For the celebrant it really depends on who you want and what you need then to facilitate.  The better one will possibly cost more and be more likely to be booked out for a longer period, but they’re certainly not the first thing on the list of bookings. Take your time, interview a few; meeting in person is the best option. A good celebrant won’t push you, and won’t intimidate you into choosing them or make you feel guilty about meeting others;  they should understand that you need to be comfortable with your chosen celebrant, so if you see any red flags, look elsewhere.
    Questions you may want to ask are really individual,  so make a list of things you might want such as readings, humour, religious/non-religious, bilingual guests etc. But more than anything you want to trust them and feel comfortable. Set yourself a budget (probably between $300-$700 would be reasonable) and decide how much you’d be willing to go over to get someone you really like, and if you’d change your date to suit them or not, figure out where you can compromise to find what works for you and them.
    I would recommend going to a wedding expo as youncan meet some in person right off the bat, I think it will help to calm your nerves.


    Maybe you could ask your married friends. They may give your detailed information of local celebrants. And you could go to visit them in person with your fiance that may help to remove your nervous. I think book a good celebrant a month or two month in advice is just great. Wish you a good wedding.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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