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    What colours have you picked for wedding ? 


    i am completely obsessed/possesed by the colour combo – peach & mint !!! i love those two together and went peach/mint/wedding crazy on pinterest !!! lol… others i saw and also liked were coral and grey… and teal green and chocolate brown…
    what colours are you going w/ ??


    Mrs. Bum

    I am having Dark Purple (aubergine/eggplant), silver and white colour combo! :) Congrats on your wedding!


    I’m going with grey and silver (plus black and white). Simple but at least it wont clash with anything.



    We want our wedding to be romantic, soft and intimate which reflects us as a couple. We’re more quiet and our idea offun is going for a dinner date or plenty of snuggles (we’re that cute couple that grosses everyone out haha).
    So we’re going for a theme that will reflect who we are, grey/silver, ivory and blush pink. I think we’ll have little vintage-inspired touches and our bridal party will be based around a high-tea.
    We’re nerds so we’ll have little touches like a T.A.R.D.I.S. ring box and we love Disney so our first dance will be to a song from Tangled. We’ve also had a song custom made for our walk down the aisle with loads of nerdy references.


    The Man (Groom) has actually picked our wedding colours….and he surprised me by picking black, deep red & white. The black & red are my footy team colours, so I’m thrilled. Bridesmaids are in the deep red, which looks gorgeous on them all. 
    Now to figure out which colour we’re going to use as a highlight for the ceremony & reception. I’m leaning more towards the black & white as the main colours, with red scattered around to really pop. Our venue even suggested inserting red flowers into our chair sashes where the knot/bow is…just for something different. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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