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    Hello! Ive recently become engaged and although I am very excited, I am also a little overwhelmed. I don’t know exactly what to do first. Should I be arranging an engagement party of looking at wedding reception venues? 
    Thank you! 




    Hi Jess, firstly congrats! 😀 the first thing to do is set a budget and a rough date (month/year) as this will determine everything else! Unless your wedding is over a year away I would worry about a venue for the wedding before the engagement party as if your booking in a peek time they can be booked out over a year in advance.
    once your date and budget has been set, start to look on the net etc for venues that match your budget and style. This is a hard part I think!
    however if your heart is set on a certain venue or location for your engagement party you’ll want to sort it out sooner.
    But most of all enjoy being engaged!



    Hi Jesswithspecs.
    Nailed it as usual Bec.
    First things first, get a manicure. Enjoy being engaged and showing off the ring and telling the story.
    Second work out date and budget:
    If you have to be married on/by a set date, that will set your budget (i.e October next year = one year to save = we can save $250 a week = $12,000 start of next October)
    Or your budget is say $15,000. We can save $250 a week = not getting married before January 2014.
    After that is set you can figure out style and size.
    Thirdly: Look at timeline. If your wedding is about a year away and in a popular season (spring / early summer) and you want a popular venue then that should be your first priority – secure your loccation,  that you can afford and fits the type of day you are planning. Then do the Engagement party.
    If your wedding is not for a year and a half or more look at booking your engagement party first then wedding stuff after.


    congrats !!! and i’m in the same boat as you ! i am SO overwhelmed ! i started today and downloaded this massive 34 page list !!! it overwhelmed me even more so i’ve put it in the “to read later” pile for now ! ha !
    very much like Kittikats and BecT’s answers…
    i say enjoy it all for a while too ! i like the get a manicure one ! my hands look so manky right now (broken nails, dry skin…) but luckily i’m not wearing the ring yet as it needs to be re-sized so it’s okay for now…
    if you are in no rush, you can even check out an expo locally when it comes up ? i thought i might do that next year… but am worried the will be a zillion crazy brides-to-be (myself included !) there and it be complete madness ! lol
    congrats again : )


    kivi qi

    Congratulations to you! I am new here from China. Have a nice day!

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