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    Its just over 6 months until my wedding and I am so not excited about it.  I have lost one bridesmaid, the other may have to go as she has no time for me anymore, and all i’ve been trying to do is catch up with her as a friend.  My mum lives in Canberra and i’m starting to find that really hard now too.
    Any tips or suggestions?? My fiancee is being as supportive as he can around his own commitments at the moment but I am at a loss on how to get excited about my own wedding again.


    and to add to that, i have to plan my own hens night which is just not going to happen as I already have my plate full with everything else


    Hi Sakura, sounds like you need a little time to yourself? Have you considered pampering yourself for a day? Get a massage, facial, hair done, whatever you love to treat yourself. Also sounds like you need to find another couple of friends to be a little supportive and have a sympathetic ear. Anybody else who’s happy to come over for coffee and just chat to you about things? Maybe even help plan your hens night? Or maybe you could ask your fiancee to plan your hens, depending on what type of night you wanted… (I want a spa weekend, so I’d be happy to let him book accommodation, massages, etc).


    Hi Sakuragirl88,
    It’s kind of a rough deal you’ve got going on there but sometimes we can (and often do!) get hung up on the details, on the minutae and forget the big picture. I think the best you could do is take a deep breath, find some time for yourself and remember that your wedding is so much more than bridesmaids and flowers and what not. It’s about you and your husband to be starting a new life, a live-long path you’ll walk together. And what you will remember are not the bridesmaids, or the party, the gifts and cake, it’s that moment where you’ll walk down the aisle, a bit nervous a bit excited, and watch your FI waiting for you at the altar.
    Stress is part of wedding plans, they go hand in hand. So try to carve out some time to shake it off, go to a spa and get pampered, or a quiet night in where you put away all the wedding stuff for a little while and just hang out with your sweetheart.
    Good luck!!



    I agree with the previous posts – keep calm and pamper yourself!
    I had a similar problem with a bridesmaid when I got married – apart from dress fittings, I barely saw her and she didn’t make any effort to see me or catch up with me. I kept her as a bridesmaid though, for old time’s sake, and while we are still friends, we just aren’t as close. Friendship is like that sometimes though. Perhaps there is something going on in her life that is stopping her from being there for you, but she doesn’t want to tell anyone what it is. Perhaps not, but you might want to decide whether to rock the boat by asking her not be a bridesmaid for you, or whether you want to just carry on. Or ask her if everything is ok and that you miss her, and is there a reason why she doesn’t seem to have time for you.
    That sucks about having to plan your own hens night! It is usually the bridesmaids who organise it – it tends to go without saying. What is it you want to do? It could be easy to get some girls together and have a pamper day. A friend of mine didn’t have an official hens, and just went with her bridesmaids and mother to the Hot Springs. Another friend had a joint hens/bucks with her fiance – they just wanted to party, so booked a space at a bar and had all their friends celebrate with them. You could also have a think about anyone who could help you out – another female family member or close friend?

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