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    Jase Kate

    Hi all,
    My husband and I where married 16th May 2009, after I propsed to him, in a very low key secret ceremony.  We invited just a few family and friends to a BBQ to celebrate our birthdays and sprung a wedding on them.  While most guests were delighted, some were quite upset, and many did not turn up at all thinking it was a birthday party.  Our finances did not allow anything more elaborate at the time. 
    Over the last 3.5 years we have good times and bad and one unspeakable moment toboot. We have well and truely overcome this now, and not too long ago my husband proposed to me that we renew our vows and as I am thrilled about this, I accepted.  We plan to renew our vows on our 5th wedding anniversary,  in the style of the wedding we wanted but could not have at the time.  Our date is the 17th May 2014.
    Our ceremony will be like that of a complete garden wedding with all invited guests knowing what they are coming too this time.  We are still finalizing our reception details, but thinking that we want an Aussie themed, canope’ and cocktail style celebration.  I will be using roses and orchids, but want to incorperate Australian natives as well.
    I am curious to know if others have been to wedding vow renewals, and what their thoughts and experiences of them are?  What have others done ceremony and reception wise?  Locally, there have not been many, but those that have had them have done the full shebang I am told.  From my stand point, I am thrilled to be able to marry my husband again, and I feel it has greatly strengthend our bond witheach other.

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