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    Im hoping someone can help me!
    I was married in september 2012, i had paid my wedding photographer in full for my photos as well as my album.
    January this year i received my photos in high resolution on cd, but have not received my album! For the last few months i have heard nothing but excuses from my photographer, and only last week after not being able to contact him (his phone was constantly switched off) i went to his home to try and find out what was happening only to find an empty house! He has done the runner on me and i am no longer able to contact him!
    I really dont know where to go from here, im grateful that i have all my photos but really dissapointed that i dont i have a beautiful album (which i paid for!) to show them in.
    Does anyone know if it is possible to buy professional albums without having a photographer to go through considering i have high resolution photos? I really didnt want an “online photo book” and had my heart set on a professional album?
    Any help will be appreciated!


    Hi Melissa,
    I would be contacting the police, because technically he has robbed you. I would either demand the album or demand the money back. Might be safer just to ask for your money back.
    I’m on a Wedding Services page on Facebook and I actually came across someone who does professional wedding albums. I’m having the photographer but can’t afford the album atm, so am hoping to save up and get it done a few years down the track. Here’s her website:
    The woman seems lovely, and the albums look great. I’m keeping her information for when I’m ready to do my album as she puts all her prices and examples on the website.
    Good luck in catching the scoundrel!!


    Have a look on fair trading NSW’s website about avenues to enforce your rights and get what you paid for. You may even find others have complained – this just happened to a friend of mine who’s dress store went into liquidation, fair trading got the details of the liquidator and things are hopefully getting sorted out!
    Good luck!



    Hi Melissa,
    Did you have an resolution regarding this? Did you get an album in the end?



    Wow, hopefully you have physical copies of all your contracts, payments and records of our conversations. The only option is to look into taking them to court and seeking comphensation and return of the money paid in lieu of services that weren’t provided.
    Scour the contract, know your rights and compare them to his answers. On another note though, I’m a graphic designer and know what it’s like to have a bad client. You said you were repeatedly calling him and even visited his home, which could be grounds for harassement. Are you sure you haven’t pushed the envenlope and crossed boundaries as a client? He may be trying to get some distance between you if he feels you’re not respecting the client/professional relationship (though he should have given you options to rectify the situation, which he may have felt he was doing by giving you the digital copies for you to go elsewhere).
    Without knowing the whole story it is hard to tell. I know from experience though that it is very rarely black and white (take a look at clientsfromhell.net and you’ll get an idea of what I mean).
    If you don’t feel your issues have been addressed, take it to court. Have a lawyer look over all your documents and see what your rights are.



    Hi, I would be willing to bet that this post is about Raoul Tackelburg a Sydney based photographer . He did the same thing to my husband and I last year and  from searching online has done the same to many other couples too. I notice that if you search for suppliers on The Knot his details come up and so I would recommend you remove them. Not only because he will disappoint your clientele but he has now shut down his studio in Newtown and has no doubt left the country never to return due to the number of people taking him to court.

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