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    Hi girls, 
    Can I just ask what are you wedding/honeymoons costing you?? I don\’t know what average weddings/honeymoons cost? 
    Mine with honeymoon is coming to more than I thought (we have plenty of time to save though) even after I thought I was being budget conscience!
    I am after and cost cutting, money saving ideas??! 
    I admit we are splurging on our honeymoon, so its a big chunk of our total costs, our next biggests costs are our photographer and videographer (both we did not want yo cut costs on)
    My dress I was lucky to find for less than $1000 and venue hire is $1,100. I\’m trying to keep costs down but still beautiful!!! As our honeymoon will be expensive. 
    Any advice would be great!! 
    Thanks in advance!!


    Excuse the typos I am on my iPhone & the keypad wasn’t agreeing with me! 



    I don’t know what the “norm” is, but we are budgetting $20-25,000 for wedding and $7000 for flights and accommodation for the honeymoon. We are going to Hamilton Island and staying at qualia which is expensive. Don’t have a lot of cost cutting ideas. One thing we are doing is having a honeymoon registry, so we are hoping to have our spending money/meals covered there. We are using this site: http://ourhoneymoonregistry.co/ so people can buy us a meal/snorkling/day trip rather than just asking for money. Or you could ask for people to pay for their meals instead of a gift.


    Hi Bec,
    Thanks for your reply, I’m feeling better that our costs are around the same as yours. Our wedding is at bout $20-22,000 (big costs, photographer, videographer, catering, alcohol) our guest list Is just over 70 people, however as we’re having a destination wedding, beach wedding around 8 hours from home, we may save money as not everyone may make it. We’re planning to honeymoon in the Cook Islands at Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa, its going to be $10,000 this is accommodation, flights, transfers and insurance. 
    I will look into the honeymoon registry, it sounds like a good idea. I know we could cut costs by having a shorter honeymoon (planning 10 nights) but I don’t want to if I don’t have to. 
    Thanks again 



    Yeah, when we first added it up and it got to $20,000 very quickly, I was shocked! But now I do think that I will only do it once and it is important! I must admit that we are lucky. We both work full-time and my parents have given us a big sum of money towards it, so we are not struggling to afford it. I think a honeymoon will be the best part! We wanted to go to the Maldives, which is actually affordable if we could have gone in October (our original wedding date), but when we changed it to January, we just couldn’t do it anymore. It just means that we will spend the same budget but stay somewhere really nice instead of the cheap places we could have maybe afforded in the Maldives, and stay longer.


    You’re right i only plan to get married once, so am happy to pay but I was just shocked by how fast it adds up (i didnt think it would be cheap as such but i just wasnt sure if mine was excessive) but I know we can pay for it. we both also work full time so we are comfortable but do have the help of my parents as well. Its just more than I expected given i chose a cheaper destination than originally planned (Byron Bay was my first choice) I don’t  want to think about what it would’ve cost in Byron! I chose to do a DIY photobooth over hiring one etc. So I could have more expensive things such as a top photographer. I am definitely looking forward to the honeymoon (after marrying my future hubby of course!) we decided against Byron Bay for the more luxurious honeymoon, the Maldives would have been beautiful but Hamilton Island will be just as amazing. 



    For the dress, I’ve found a site called lightinthebox.com, I ordered a dress as a wedding guest and it was beautiful, really well made and all custom made. They also specialise in wedding dresses and I’m looking at one that is $200, while my fiancée is looking at one for $300, the one she tried on in a bridal store was $1450 so it’s a huge difference in price.
    You pay more for more length, fabric and embellishments, but if you’re really sick for cash and don’t mind knee-length or tea-lengths or less extravagant styles you can go under $100.



    Hi Excited,
    The “norm” is flexible depending on how many people you are having, the kind of wedding  and where you are having it.
    I’m trying to have everything around the $10,000 – $15,000 mark.
    My wedding is only 30 people, at Taronga Zoo in winter and this is my second wedding so I can advise you on things I’ve observed.
    People remember weddings for the food, entertainemnt and all the little moments that happen on the day.  
    You remember it for all the details that matter to you: photos, dress, joining with your beloved for the rest of your lives.
    My Tips:
    * Don’t be suckered into spending money on things that aren’t important. If you aren’t willing to spend $500 on invites for 50 people, silk chair covers or a fortune on flowers, then don’t! Go something simple and elegant that you’ll love because you won’t really notice it (and neither will your guests)
    * Sheet Cake. Have a cake for cutting and serve your guests sheet cake from the back. Or just use a smaller cake that is delicious.
    * Cake can double as bonboniere, or just give on per couple instead of one to everyone.
    * Have your wedding your way. Don’t feel you have to do the expected if that isn’t who you really are at heart
    * Be brutally honest with every wedding decision (including guests) and ask “What will this really contribute to the happiness of the day?” If the answer is not much and makes a huge dent in the finances, then you have the answer.



    Eek! I’ve got an excel spreadsheet from a planner, and along with her educated guess mine is coming in around $35-40k 
    I wish I could say that was honeymoon included! I guess it starts at the reception which is usually 50% of a budget and ours is $15,000 /105pp 
    We’ve made alternative arrangements for videography and hired equipment from “Film Your Own” we love the idea of a friendly face behind the camera and that it can go behind the scenes of our big day and prep leading up to it..
    I guess that’s my only tip thus far but seems as its one of your important costs I doesn’t really help haha sorry!



    Hi Excited,
    As mentioned, the norm varies as to how many people you invite. If you can keep the list down and this is ultimately how you save the most money.
    If you can’t do this and haven’t booked your venue yet, why not have a longer engagement? That way you can save a lot more money and have the wedding you’ve dreamed of. Sure it’s not the exciting option, but if you can’t afford it now or would prefer a larger buffer this is the more sensible option.
    If you have the time do the research. It really does pay off. Don’t just go with one vendor’s quote, get three (off vendors you like of course).
    Aside from the obvious pointers, start following wedding magazines & suppliers pages on social media. This is free (not buying magazines) and they often have competitions or promotions. Don’t think “Oh why bother” and not enter, enter them! there is a significantly smaller market that can enter them. You have a good chance of winning. I won my photography package with an awesome photographer! I could then afford a videographer.
    Our wedding is costing us around the $30,000 mark all up for 60 guests (we did budget $25k initially but my dress came in over, a decision which I do not regret at all – tax money went there!). Our honeymoon is setting us back around $20k as well. Our honeymoon is also our first overseas adventure too though (4 week trip to USA & Caribbean). We will have had a 2 year engagement before we are married this December. We’ve been able to save for the wedding of our dreams as well as the adventure of our dreams.
    If you have free access to programs like photoshop & printers utilise these for stationary. Not necessarily your invites, but Ceremony Programs, Lolly Bags, Name Cards etc. Things that can add up if you buy. Do you have a graphic designer friend? maybe they will do your invites for less.
    Make your make up & hair trial coincide with your hens night or another event, you’re not paying again for these services. They can slightly alter it afterwards for free.
    Don’t join a gym. Start going for runs, walks and doing your own aerobic exercises.
    Be smart, sensible, research, enjoy the wedding planning and this will go a long way.

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