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    Hi there,

    im searching for a dress to wear for a wedding in a couple of weeks and i would like some advice, i like this dress but im afraid it might be too white. Even though it has big flowers on it.


    Or there is this one, which has a bit of a high front.


    Open to all opinions!

    Thanks in advanced.




    How close are you with the bride? If you’re friends or relatives, I don’t see anything wrong with asking her whether she feels there is too much white in the dress. The bride will, hopefully, be honest with you on her feelings. If you’re not close, I would definitely err on the side of caution and go with the second dress (as it has far less white in it).



    This is a bit of an old-fashioned rule, but you should never wear white to a wedding, it is considered to be very bad etiquette.

    It seems like you want a light dress, and that you like blue; personally I feel the second dress is the better choice of the two. Alternatively you could look at a light blue or medium blue dress, perhaps robin’segg blue or even teal; there are so many options within that colour range and you don’t have to resort to a white dress that may be upsetting for the bride.

    I highly encourage you to speak to the bride and ask for her opinion on the dress if you’re in love with it, but I urge you to respect her opinion if she asks you to look at other options. The bride may not feel comfortable dictating your dress even if it really bothers her, so please consider that and take her response with a grain of salt.


    ThE second one is the better choice for a wedding.But I still recommend that there are many other options. Your questions are which one is better for the wedding, And I think the cloth without white colors are good advices.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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