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    Hey knotties! So we are having an alternate menu! We have to choose 2 different dishes which will be alternated on the tables! We have choice of beef, fish, chicken, lamb and pork! We have decided on a fish dish but are unsure on whether we should go chicken or lamb! We are leaning towards lamb, but then every wedding I have been to has chicken as an option! Is fish and a red meat rather than a white meat right? 
    Seems silly seeing it written down but I wanna be sure I do the right thing by the guests! 
    Thanks in advance 😀



    Good topic Tinkybell! personally I would go with the lamb and fish, when I go out (and know a few other people are the same) i dont ever order chicken as we tend to have chicken more at home than any other meat, so i would go for something other than chicken when I’m out.. and dont forget have what you and hubby to be want as your the main ones to please :)



    Thanks Bride_2b! Thanks what I was thinking but it’s always good to get another opinion! Thank you :) 



    Every wedding I’ve been to alternated chicken and red meat (usually beef or lamb) but in the end it is your wedding, and you should choose food that reflects what you love to eat and your personality.
    My fiancée and I love food, and for us the biggest considerations are:
    1) It tastes good
    2) That our allergies are taken into consideration
    3) That it is Kosher-friendly for my family and Halal-friendly for one of the Maids of Honour (we have
    As long as you don’t have any guests that you know will despise both options, do what you want. Besides, let’s face it, it is your money in the end.



    I think the options you’ve chosen are fine, its your wedding :) As long as you’ve made special arrangements for those with allergies or dietry restrictions (actual restrictions, you’d be surprised by the number of RSVPs one recieves saying “I don’t like pork” or “I don’t like fish” haha!) 
    As a vegetarian and my partner is a meat eater, we have two separate menus (as a few of my guests are vegetarian as well). We’re also keeping in mind any religious needs (such as kosher, Hindu or Halal for some of our guests) and dietry restrictions (like diabetic or a gluton allergy). 
    But above all, its your wedding, and don’t let anyone change that. My MIL wasn’t happy with our choice of cake flavours (even though we have three tiers, three different flavours!) because one tier is a chocolate-orange-almond. But we’re not letting that get to us :) 

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