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    Hi All, So I’m at a loss for wedding dress shopping. I have two small children to coorindate bridal dress shopping so would love to “look” online as much as possible before spending hours in appointments at shops that I’m not really into it. I love the unique style and beading of Anna Campbell ( I have been and looked but not sure I have really fallen in love with a dress as yet), so I wondered if anyone could suggest some designers / shops for me to look.  There are just so many out there, I’m feeling overwhelmed :(  I’m located in Melbourne.  Thank you for any potential suggestions x


    Hi Bronwyn,
    I found that looking at dresses online became extremely overwhelming as everything began to look the same and I would forget where I found things etc.. 
    The best thing to do is find a local place that stocks the dresses you like and just try them. In the end I looked up local bridal stores online, wrote the codes for the dresses I liked down and asked my  mum to do so too.
    Even though I found what I wanted at the first appointment I still went  to three other stores just to be sure. There were some dresses that I loved on the websites, but just did not flatter me when I tried them on. 
    The dress I ended up buying was on my short list but it was not the one that I fell in love with online. 
    Where you go to try them on really depends on your budget and the style of dress. I got mine from LUV  bridal, they were fantastic and they have a store in Melborne too. 



    I never look by designer,  but rather the silhouette, material and over all look and feel I want to get from my dress; designer dresses can be expensive and you can really restrict your options for sizes, price and styles if you choose based on brand. There are options for having custom dresses made, so it’s worth sketching or scrap-booking a “dream dress” that you can use for inspiration or fall back on if you can’t find something that fits the bill.
    I’d recommend combining online shopping with trying on some dresses in person so you can get an idea of what looks good on you and what is most comfortable. Pretest is great for keeping a record and helping you link back to the stores you’ve visited online and in person. I’d also keep Etsy open as an option,  there are some great designers (found a shop that does amazing flower girl dresses but it’s a tad pricey) but you can find some amazing independent artists’ work and can really shop around to suit your budget,  it’s great for bridesmaids gifts.
    You will get different kinds of dresses and prices depending on which suburbs you look at, so spread your search wide and visit multiple bridal stores,  some may disappoint but give each store a chance and persevere. You Akzo need to remember that dresses that look great on a model or real may not look so great on you, so make a list of dresses you absolutely must try on, then be adventurous and pick something you may not have considered, you could be pleasantly surprised.





    hi there a new website for secondhand wedding dresses to checkout is http://www.preownedweddingdresses.net.au Wedding dresses are listed by state and city so you can see if there are any you like in your area. 


    Alen Rio

    You will love the dress in this link: http://www.sheindressau.com/item/gorgeous-vintage-long-wedding-dress-hsnbd0433. This dress has bit of beading also as like Anna Campbell wedding dress. Match your outfit with Ann Marie earrings made with Swarovski Elements http://www.ikoala.com.au/earrings/ann-marie-earrings-made-with-swarovski-elements-on-ikoala-jewellery-deals-deal-2450.html  and get a celebrity look. 



    I hate dress shopping. My mum and MOH wanted to go shopping this weekend. First day. I went into the shop and explained what I thought I wanted. Plunging neck line, lace, little to no beading, fitted, slight mermaid tail and definitely no marshmallow or strapless. 
    My my best advice would be to pick a shop that has lots of styles and try one of everything and a variety of white shades at speed. I spent more time in hysterics at my MOH trying to find the floor in these crazy dresses. Turns out my body shape really lends itself to strapless sweetheart with ruffled slightly marshmallow skirt. Yep. In one day I totally changed. 
    So basically I understand that you have a vision in your head of what you want but in my case I looked amazing in something completely different and I realise now I would never feel like a princess in the style I wanted.

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