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    So I have found so many dresses I love on all these websites such as http://www.lynnbridal.com and so on… Question is… Has anyone had a bad experience with an online purchase. Most ones I like are only $200 ish so I’m tossing up whether to just bite the bullet and order one and hey… If it turns out bad .. Ill go get one off the rack but if it turns out good… I would have potentially saved thousands….. I neeeeed help and some sort of advice. Of course all the dress shops in Brisbane recommend against this as they want the sale so I need an honest opinion or experience. 


    Lauren, I just tried opening http://www.lynnbridal.com/ and my antivirus blocked the page as it “has been known to be involved in online fraud” :-/
    I had a bad experience ordering a cheap wedding gown online. The dress I ordered looks really nice in the photos, but when it arrived it was just horrible – the fabrics used were cheap, the quality was horrendous and did not sit well on me at all! (in fact I’m not sure it would sit/fit well on anyone due to the trimmings and overall design!)
    I would recommend against ordering from Chinese online bridal shops.
    I did, however, order online from Idilio Bridal (after that whole bad experience) and the dress was more than I could’ve ever asked for!
    Their dresses are made in Europe and designed by a well known designer, that’s why I took the risk. Plus they’re located in Melbourne, so it was easy to get in touch with them.
    Even though they may be slightly more expensive (still a bargain for a designer dress!), you know you’ll be getting quality, afterall it’s a BIG event in your life and one you’ll always remember, together with the dress you wore.


    I have not done online shopping from this website so I don’t know much about it, but I do online shopping frequently. If done from good and standard sites you won’t face such problems.Mostly for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dress I prefer bridesmaidonly for shopping online.Its really good till date I have not faced any problem.


    lussi ya

    no i don’t have bad experience with an online purchase.at lease i think so.i bought wedding dress on online shop:58bridesmiad.com.i like the wedding dress very much.and the price is reasonable.


    I bought my dress plus all my bridesmaids dresses from http://www.serenitybridal.com.au and saved over $1000 on the dress I wanted alone!
    I was nervous but had the same attitude as OP – my dress was $475 and in the shop it was $1500 so I thought I’d just buy it and if it didn’t work I’d sell it on ebay.  But that wasn’t an issue.  It was hands down better quality than any of the dresses I saw in shops – just perfect.
    I was in contact with Sharon (the owner) every couple of days I was so nervous and she was amazing.  It took just over a month for it to arrive and I cannot wait to wear it in October.
    The bridesmaids dresses are also stunning and the girls are really happy with them.  
    I did a fair bit of research before buying online and Serenity Bridal had some really great reviews so that’s why I went with them.
    Hope that helps!


    Online shopping is very common in 21st century. In US and Europe a lot of brides are buying their dream gowns through internet. Australia is still a little bit behind on that. I have to say is a smart move to source your wedding gown online. But personally I don’t agree to buy imitation gowns online. You don’t want the chinese copy to ruin your big day. Trust me I used to run a business ordering imitation designer gowns and sell to bride in very cheap price. But the business didn’t last for long because I can’t stand the quality and inconsistency of the products that I am getting. There is so many bridal boutiques are trying to get rid of their designer sample gowns or pass seasons overstock gowns. Why take the risk and order $200 gown and don’t even know how the finish product look like?
    i am running an online store which collect stock from bridal boutiques for their pass seasons or sample gowns. Most of the gowns are from liquidated bridal boutiques and still brand new. Why buy imitation when you can afford a designer?
    There are few tips here if you’re thinking and start looking to buy one online:
    1) you must tried on as many different styles and colour as possible in you local bridal store and knowing what suit you best
    2) get professional seamstress to measure your bust, waist and hip
    3) check you measurement against the designer size chart to find out what size that you’re wearing. All designer carry their own size chart.
    4) always check measurement before you buy one
    5) doubt about if the dress can alter or not? Take a photo to show your local seamstress and ask her the question and also request a quote.
    more tips buying wedding gowns 


    Tash M

    I know that wedding dresses can be expensive with prices going to the thousands so I got my dress from  http://www.eliganti.com/ and it was beautiful, my bridesmaids dresses were from there as well and they were all great, couldnt be happier, they are Australian owned  too, so that at least gave me rest of mind,  will recommend them.


    im just confused,why u guys can put links on this page as i cannt?


    <p>I bought mine from http://www.dazzlebride.com and it was a great experience. They are based in china but it is a swiss owned company and the service is really good. Plus they always keep you updated on what is happening</p>
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    <p>Ok, it is very normal for you to worry about this. Some people have a bad experience, but some online shop, such as http://www.dressesmallau.com, i have bought some dress on it, the dress is really very good. You can find some reviews about the online shop to see it, if most people say good, you can buy it.</p>

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