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    <p>Hi guys!</p>
    <p>I am flying to Hawaii in May for my wedding with Jet Star. I really do not want to put my dress in a suitcase & potentially crush it, but also there are certain dimension restrictions on cabin luggage (which a wedding garment bag exceeds!!). I did call Jet Star and they were not helpful and just told me the baggage rules – which I explained to them was I already aware of from looking at their online policy. ANYWAY! I’m hoping to take it as carry on, and fingers crossed, have a nice air hostess who will be able to hang it up for me.</p>
    <p>Can you please let me know if you have or are planning to travel with your wedding dress and how you will go about it?</p>
    <p>Thanks! xx</p>



    Im only flying domestically and with Virgin but when I rang Virgin, they told me their policies with wedding dresses were: 1. If they have room to hang it in one of the business class cupboards, they will or 2. They will lay it flat above luggage in the over head compartment. They also said just to speak to an attendant at the gate when I first get there about it.
    International flights though – I have no idea and its even a different airline so….?


    Chris Lee

    Carefully to roll it up and packed it in a wooden box or firm trunk. That’s my idea. May be it’s easier?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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