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    The good news is that we have lots of time until our big date, so we are not rushed into deciding what to use. We need a website, for our wedding date so our friends can post things and register for the date. Some have said to just use facebook, which we will.. But we feel facebook isnt really personal enough for us. I mean, we want the equilivant of a “wedding inviation card” but the website version of that, if that makes any sense. In our research RSVPwed.com comes up as our most likely choice. But only because they are specific, i have experience with weebly, but their templates are more business related (or for fun), which dont really apply. Since we dont have much experience in web creation, we need a program or software to do this for us (drag and drop). If you have used something like this in the past and willing to share with us, we will be forever grateful for your time & reply. Love Always

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