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    Hi all, just a friendly word of advice.  I recently found my dream dress at Bridal Vision in Wetherell Park, Sydney.  Fortunately I managed to pay it off quite quickly and took it home with me a few weeks ago.  I have since heard that this company have gone bankrupt and many brides have lost their dresses, were told they had four hours to collect any dresses left on site as long as they paid the remainder in cash that day!  Hearing this I looked up reviews and have found nothing but poor reviews, and in some cases, brides not getting their first dress fitting until a couple of weeks before the wedding, had I read the reviews first I’m not sure I would have spent my money there!
      I’m told that they are now operating as Regal Vision in the same location.   Be very cautious!  I was offered free fittings and alterations when I bought my dress but definitely don’t trust leaving my dress with them any more and would hate to think other brides may have lost their dresses. 



    Wow, what a horror story, I’ve actually heard of this happening to a few places, they declare themselves bankrupt to avoid the taxes and set up again not long after to do the same scam, leaving loads of brides in tears with no hope of getting another dress in time and losing thousands of dollars. It makes it really hard to chase them up for a refund or cough up the dress.
    It makes me very wary, as there are a few stores that looked reputable following the same pattern. Do background checks, especially if you’re going to be investing over a longer period.
    I’m glad you got out in time, but I truly feel sorry for the brides who missed out, I wish we could help, maybe raise some money or something?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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