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    Hi all!

    I actually got married 4 months ago (I had to put in a future date to signup but my actual wedding date was 13/9/2014). I hired a local photographer for my wedding. My family have known her family for years (my mum was her sunday school teacher lol) so she seemed like a good choice at the time, especially since her package prices were very reasonable. She was great on the day except she completely ignored my request for photos to be taken on my parents’ property and took the photos at my neighbour’s place instead. Anyway, we were reasonably happy with her work at the time. Just before she left the reception (right after the mock cake cutting), she pulled hubby and I aside and said (I think) that the photos would take 2-3 months. I admit that I wasn’t exactly paying attention; I mean we had just gotten married and were surrounded by friends and family so we had other things to think about.

    I emailed her at the end of October 2014 and she told me it would take 10-12 weeks from the wedding for the photos to be done. I was really hoping for the photos to be done before Christmas so I could use them as presents for the parents, so I emailed her again on 21/12/14. She said that she had paid for express post from the printer and that we should have them for Christmas. I also noted at this time that her Facebook page was down (and it still is). I emailed her again on 5/1/15 and then again yesterday. She hasn’t replied to either email and there is still no sign of the photos. We were given access to 10 sneak peak photos a couple of weeks after the wedding, but can no longer even access these. I’m not sure what to do next; I don’t want to get nasty as we know the family, but this is just getting frustrating.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, for anyone planning their wedding, make sure you get a due date for the photos in a signed contract. I certainly won’t be recommending this photographer to anyone, even if the photos are good when we finally get them.


    Hi Heather,ttally understand how you feeling. So sick of waiting for ohotos. I heard the wedding photos could be accomplished by a month. the photographer your found may have took so many works? Have your paid already? I suggest you busy yourself in some others thing. then the photos may coming soon.:)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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