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    We are heading to Vietnam after we get married next year. Has anyone travelled by train overnight? Is it hard to book tickets once you are in the country?



    Hello Sarah.  We will be getting married in May this year, and travelling to beautiful vietnam for our honeymoon as well.  I have been there before, however my groom to be has not been there yet.  I was there in 2007, and I have very fond memories of being rocked to sleep on the sleeper trains.  I did however travel as part of an organised group so things like ticket buying was arranged by our guide.  So I cannot help with how hard it is to buy the tickets, but may I suggest if you are concerned, you might consider contacting a tour company like Wendy woo and have an independent trip arranged for you both with all tickets booked.  Best wishes for your wedding and honeymoon.  Ali



    Wow, Vietnam…. Hmm well I suppose it really depends on what travel agency you’re going through, many will provide packages that include pre-booked transport etc. I’m not sure if all services would offer an interpreter to translate into English for you, but I think having a fundamental understanding of the language will help in all matters. A lot of services centred towards tourists will offer alternate language options, however you do pay the extra for it and end up in the more touristy areas.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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