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    Hi there Knotties, 
    My wedding day is fast approaching and so far I’ve been fairly lucky & have had a pretty smooth run with our planning… Until today. 
    we visited our venue for our menu tasting today & were bitterly disappointed with the experience. 
    Prior to us arriving I had emailed my venues function manager to ask how the tasting would be run, to which I got no reply. Whilst irritating, I figured that if there were decisions that needed to be made prior to us arriving, that the venue would let us know. 
    when we booked our venue, we were supplied with 2 packages of menu options that we could choose from, and figured we’d choose items from each package to form our tasting. When we arrived, the function manager wasn’t there, and never turned up. The front of house staff were very helpful & attentive, but nothing was explained as to how the day would run. 
    we were then presented with 2 dishes for each course (we didn’t decide what to try, the dishes were just brought out with no explanation) – and to top it off, the dishes we were given, weren’t part of the packages we were sent! 
    our function ‘manager’ is now not in until Tuesday, when I will be calling & expressing my frustration at the situation. We were also charged $80 for my parents to participate in the tasting, and given the circumstances, I don’t feel it’s unreasonable to ask for that money to be returned and for another tasting to be arranged that includes items from the packages we were presented with. 
    has anyone else had a similar issue, and am I being reasonable in my approach of addressing the situation? 

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