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    My plan for the setup of our wedding reception venue was always that my fiancé and his groomsmen would go to the venue at around lunchtime/early afternoon and oversee the setup, make sure the centrepieces are correct etc. But I have just found out from our venue, 6 weeks out from our wedding, that they are running a lunch service on the day of our wedding and the venue won’t be available to us until 3.30!! Our ceremony is at 4.00 at a different location so overseeing the setup won’t be an option. Is this normal!? Our venue is a restaurant and they have a minimum $7,000 spend for Friday and Saturday events for exclusive use of the venue? Am I naive to have assumed we would be able to setup earlier in the day? The other venues we looked at would have allowed us to set up the morning of, or even the night before in one case! Has anyone else come across this issue?



    Hi Dash. Are you setting up the tables, centrepieces etc or is the venue? If the venue is setting up then it’s very normal (I used to supervise at a function centre). Almost every saturday i had to ‘turn around a room’ in a couple of hours from a lunch reception to dinner (from rearranging all the tables to all the finishing touches). I never had anyone oversee the setup or even check it was done properly until the start time. Your venue should be very experienced at setting up the room to your specifications, if your concerned then give them some pictures with your bits and pieces.



    Thanks Bec, its nice to hear from someone who has had experience truning a room around so quickly. The venue will be setting up everything now, by necessity. My fiancé had wanted to setup the centrepieces himself but now that is not possible. The late access time is causing me other issues now though, such as my cake. The venue won’t allow the cake to be setup before 3.30pm, and my cake lady can only deliver before 2pm, so the cake would have to be moved. This is something I would rather avoid as it is a somewhat delicate cake and moving it could prove difficult, especially without anyone there to fix any damage that might happen in transit. Plus the venue have said that they won’t help move the cake because they don’t want to be liable if something happens to it. I guess I’m just dissapointed that none of this was mentioned to us before this point, something which the venue is denying also.



    If possible you could assemble the centrepieces etc. beforehand and have them delivered fully assembled (or mostly assembled with a list of detailed instructions and pictures). As for the cake, are you able to negotiate anything with them?
    You are paying a hefty price for a venue that isn’t being very helpful, if you have time I would consider looking into a back-up and getting your money back. If you can’t you may have to ask them to be flexible.
    Something you can do with your baker is to ask them to whip up a small repair kit, this will usually include doubles of the delicate details likely to snap off, spare icing and chocolate etc. as adhesive) so you can give the cake a once-over at the restaurant before serving. You may just have to risk delivering the cake earlier than planned.

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