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    Please help!
    I want to get my girls some robes to get ready in – you know, the cotton, kimono-style ones – but my wedding is NEXT SUNDAY – less than 2 weeks from now!  I completely forgot about this until yesterday. 
    The only decent-looking ones I can find online are these: http://www.beautiful-robes.com/Womens-Robes2/womens-cotton-short-kimonos, but they cost a LOT for a cotton robe. 

    It’s winter and I can’t find anything except fleece and flannelette
    I don’t have a lot of time to wait for packages to arrive

    Does anyone know ANY stores that I can find in Sydney where I could pick up some cotton robes at this time of year?  David Jones and Myer don’t seem to have anything, and I’ve checked the cheaper department stores – Big W, Kmart, etc.
    Auuuggggh last minute rush stress



    Try Cotton On Body, you can order them online and I think you can get express next day delivery. Or there are stores all over the place in sydney. They definately would have something similar for no more than $30 or you can try DFO at Homebush they have heaps of discount specialty stores where they sell last season stuff at a discount. They might have the thinner cotton for you?




    Hmm, if you had more time I would suggest ETSY or EBay; however if you needed something out of season I would suggest a clearance warehouse such as DFO because they sell stock at big discounts from finished lines of clothing and last-season left-overs. The range of sizes may be more limited, but if you want summery dressing gowns in winter,  it may be your best bet.
    On the other hand, a fleece dressing gown may be better to avoid your bridesmaids getting too chilly, so I’d check with them first.
    I should say though that you probably won’t have time to get them monogrammed or embroided, but you could print and apply an iron-on transfer at home.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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