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    My dress is a ballgown, with a corset top. Will I need a bra? I’m about an 8D and usually feel uncomfortable without a bra, but maybe the corset will hold me in well enough? Any thoughts?



    Does the dress have a built in corset? Sometimes that is enough support. When you tried on the dress did you try it with or without a bra?
    I am a larger size than you (16DD) but I found the corset super suppotive and I never wear strapless dresses because I find strapless bras not supportive in the least. I would suggest trying on the dress and seeing how comfortable you are and then go from there. 
    If you are uncomfortable go to a specialised bra shop (like bendon/bras and things) and they are usually really helpful in finding something that is suitable for your dress and occation and support you need. They will be able to let you know what is most suitable.
    Hope that’s helpful :)



    Thanks. The dress is a corset top, but I can’t remember what it was like inside. I wore a bra when I tried it on, and the dress was a little big, so I’m really not sure how supportive it will be. I guess I’ll go into the first fitting with nothing, and if I need something, go buy it after.



    something i found for my first fitting was dress stores prefer you to be fully prepared, shoes, lingerie so they know exactly what they are working with, if you arent sure take a bra with you so you have an idea, try it both ways ( with and without bra ) and see what you find comfortable, some places will sew the bra into the dress if you ask them to as well


    Wedding dress usually have a built-in bra,you do not need a extra bra.



    I’m a 14F and always thought I would have to wear a bra, and definitely didn’t think I could wear a strapless dress. But when I tried on dresses I found that the built in support is amazing and that my bra actually got in the way. 
    Ps. I still didn’t get a strapless dress, but because of the style not the fit. 


    sorry,i have no such similar experience .you can add one thin bra if you really wanna to wear one,you will feel more comfortable with it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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