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    <p>My fiance and I moved to another country about a year before we got engaged. We’ve been together for many years and are planning to travel for a while and then buy a house so we don’t want to spend a small fortune on our wedding and have decided to get married in our new town in a small ceremony.</p>
    <p>The problem is that, while most of my immediate family live nearby, his whole family and all of our friends live overseas. This is making planning a wedding very difficult for me :( I am sad that we can’t have all our special friends at our special day and we’re flying his mum over for the wedding but no one else in his family can afford to come. </p>
    <p>Together we have come up with some solutions, but each has their own pros and cons so I hoped for some advice from other brides to be :)</p>
    <p>1. We are going back to our home country for my fiance’s sister’s wedding in a few weeks. We could have our wedding there and then have another wedding here in Australia when we get back. BUT I don’t want to take attention away from his sister’s wedding and it’ll cost a lot which is exactly what we don’t want.</p>
    <p>2. We could have a commitment ceremony when we go back home in a few weeks, which hopefully wouldn’t steal as much atttention from the bride over there as a real wedding. BUT my fiance’s sister will be on honeymoon so probably wont be able to make it.</p>
    <p>3. We could just elope. The thought of running off to some remote island with just my fiance and getting married on a beach is wonderful right now because then there is no drama about who can come and who can’t! BUT then again, no family or friends.</p>
    <p>I feel like I’m going mad, some advice would be wonderful :)</p>



    <p>Personally, I would go for the second option, it would be cheaper and you would have more of the people you want there. Perhaps you could have your fiance’s sister be there via skype or something? Or at least record it so she can watch it later. But I agree with you about having it a reasonable time away from the sister’s wedding and having it smaller so it doesn’t overshadow it. </p>
    <p>However, if you would prefer it just be the two of you and you wouldn’t regret having no one there, maybe eloping would be a good idea :)</p>


    <p>Thanks for the advice Jacqui</p>
    <p>After MUCH deliberation we’re going with the second option. His sister was amazing and offered to come back from honeymoon a day early to be at our commitment ceremony. </p>
    <p>Yay! Now just have to find out exactly how to do a commitment ceremony lol….</p>

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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