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    Hi Ladies, 
    Recently have just gotten engaged and am looking for gorgeous wedding venues in North Queensland. 
    Both my partner and I want a tropical, rainforest wedding. We loved “Flames of the Forest” up in Port Douglas, but unfortunatly it is $215.00 per head, and even though it does include a lot of things, the major things that we would still have to organise and pay for on top, just adds up waaaay too quickly!! I know weddings are expencive, but I just think $8,600 – $10,750 to seat our guests is too much. For us anyway.
    So if anyone knows of any places that you think I may like, and within a reasonable budget, that would be AMAZING!
    Thank you!


    Start planning your wedding in Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Cairns, The Tablelands, Daintree and the Great Barrier ReefTropical North Queensland offers you everything you need to make your dream wedding a reality.  Choose from a secluded tropical beach setting or a chapel by the sea, St Mary’s By the Sea Chapel; a rainforest location in the Daintree, beside a waterfall or a park overlooking the Coral Sea. Indoor locations are also as diverse, from exquisite luxury homes to deluxe resorts and award winning restaurants – the choice for your tropical wedding is endless.
    vente chalet savoie


    I live by port douglas, and there are heaps of options that can be budget friendly, QT resort has great options that are budget friendly, a salsa bar and grill I hear great things about, as well as peppers, there is also a cool option that is renting your own mansion (not as expensive as it sounds) may I also suggest mefotos, they take amazing pictures…
    good luck


    Brenda Lee

    Hi, Kelly
    First of all I apologize to leave a comment that is not the exact answer for your question.
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    Thank you for your time!! Hope your wedding plans are going smoothly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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