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    Ok knotties I DESPERATELY need advice right now!!
    So our big day is 13 days away (EEEEEEKK!!!) and my mum just asked me if she can invite her new man…
    FH and I have met him once and don’t get me wrong he is a nice guy and all.. but 13 days! and it means rearranging tables to include him and sorting out his food choices etc.
    FH has already said he would prefer not to have to invite him as we are just so close to the day but my mum really wants him there and right now I just feel so torn.. 
    I have no idea what to do…



    My instinct is just to invite him. The only work it really takes is to make a phone call to add a person to your mum’s table and tell them his food choice. Is there anything else to do? You could even tell your mum to organise it! I know you don’t want people there you don’t know, but he is obviously special to your mum, and your mum is special to you, so maybe it is worth making an exception.
    I would explain to your mum that you would rather not have him in family photos, I’m sure  she would understand that.
    Best of luck for your wedding, let us know how it goes!



    I agree with Bec, I think invite him. If it was anyone else I would say no but because it’s your mum I think it would be nice for her to have him there.


    Thank you Bec and jsbride but after a very long discussion with FH we decided not to invite him.
    They have only been together a few weeks and from the beginning our rule is only guests in serious relationships can bring their partner.
    And it would have been ALOT of work and rearranging to have him there as I am doing everything myself

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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