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    Hi, I am combining my 30th and my wedding (wedding will be a suprise to guests), but I need a theme, and want it to be around headwear / masks etc…  Im just not sure how to word this on the invite etc?  eg. masks, fascinators, hats, headbands, beads etc –    Any ideas pls?



    Have you thought of masquerade? It combines masks and accessories with opulence, there are some great examples such as this one from OffBeat Bride (which has some really interesting and unique ideas)  http://offbeatbride.com/2014/05/chicago-masquerade-wedding
    If you’re going to have a theme, run with it and enjoy it, you could have themed gifts, location and decore; you name it! I’d suggest having a little basket of spare masks just in case, and to ensure the theme is clear on the invite and encourage guests to dress in the style. You could have a victorian-style masqu ball, or halloween style masks, you can put your own slant on it and own it in your own way. Look up various masks from different periods or countries as well, you may just be surprised and find something really interesting.
    If you’re wanting facinators, you could take it further to having something like a Derby day or racing theme. Here in Melbourne you can hire a function room at the Flemmington Racecourse (it was one of the locations covered by a catering company we were looking at, they also do the NGV and Ian Potter Gallery, cool huh?).
    Beads could be Marti Gras, hats could be something else; find a single element and shape a theme around it that works for you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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